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We are an independent insurance firm dedicated to providing you with quality personal and commercial insurance programs. We have also partnered with over 47 insurance companies to adapt an insurance program to fit your needs and the needs of your family, while keeping our prices competitive.


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Save Money on your Insurance with Integra Insurance Services

At Integra Insurance, your choices will be clear. We are not just agents but also insurance advisers, and our passion lies in serving and protecting our clients life from many obstacles. Insurance policies all over differ from one another. We will walk with you in finding the best auto insurance, renters insurance, home insurance, or commercial insurance for be it any circumstance. Today, Integra Insurance serves over 8,000 individuals and 1,000 organizations throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and more. Integra Insurance is based near Lufkin, TX with several branches throughout the region.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

There are different forms and many coverages at different levels in auto insurance. Depending on the state where the car was registered, car insurance has specific state minimum requirements. With wide variety of policies in insurance market, it is wise to compare car insurance quotes and obtain best deal to cover your needs and necessities. Your auto insurance rates vary depending on the coverages you opt for. Hence, it is very essential to give that time in order to compare quotes online. A simple knowledge on what type of coverages you will need and what other additional coverages you would require completes your policy. Plans you opt for can be similar but it's cost might vary with different insurance companies. Ensure that the policy covers all those coverages you want and then decide on the policy.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes

A dream house also needs to be guarded by a home insurance, it is required essentially if any mortgage. To find the best deal on your home insurance, opt for the best coverages by comparing quotes online. It is always good to be familiar about insurance options and then determine the exact coverage needed to cover your home and it's contents. Make sure your house is protected in case of theft, accident or any natural disaster.

Integra Provides Affordable Insurance Quotes

It is a known fact that car insurance varies from one state to another. Similarly, car insurance has it's own specific rules. Here you will deal with specifications with respect to auto insurance. It's mandatory to prove that you are capable of baring all the expenses and pay for the accident where you are held responsible for it. Auto insurance comes as a savior with it's minimum liability payment. Car insurance states a pay of $25,000 for only one person being injured in accident caused by you and $50,000 for all as bodily injury and if you are held responsible for any property damage in one accident then a pay of $25,000.

You will have to remember few factors If you want to lower your insurance rates. Abiding to traffic rules and being an excellent driver with good driving record will help in reducing the premium rates. Drive carefully to avoid any accident which in turn will reduce claims, if no claims made then you will see a fall in Your car insurance rates.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Online to Save Money

Consider the below tips in order to save money on your car insurance:

  • Having a good driving history and maintaining a spotless driving record can do a lot in obtaining discounts. Lesser the tickets, lesser will be your premium. Ensure safety, mind your speed and abide to traffic rules to reduce number of tickets.
  • Age is also a prime factor in decreasing your premium. Grow old to gain discounts.
  • Owning multiple lines of policies from same insurance company guarantees a discount for the insurer on their annual premium.
  • Defensive Driver’s course is an added advantage. Recommended for most of the teenage drivers which helps in getting insured and also be eligible for benefits.

Secure Your Home Investment by Comparing Home Insurance Quotes Online

You can save a lot on home insurance in number of ways, including making your house more secure and making improvements, but to save money immediately, take a few minutes and fill out our convenient online application to compare home insurance quotes from hundreds of competing home insurance providers. Do not hesitate to ask your home insurance agents for discounts if you find you are eligible for one amongst many discounts in store:

  • Holding multiple lines of policies with the same insurance company (like auto and home)
  • Located near to a fire station (Preferably within 15 miles)
  • Installing safety devices such as burglar alarms, smoke detectors, dead bolt locks etc.
  • Updating on plumbing, electronic and heating equipments often.

Carry out a routine check up on your house frequently and make those necessary repairs to cover any damage found. Investing some money, little time into these repairs and updating systems will shield your home against catastrophes.

Integra Insurance Partnerships

Integra insurance makes every effort to give you a quality car insurance quote, home insurance quote and commercial insurance quote, a professional service of high level, and a long term relationship. Become a part of the Integra family.

Integra Insurance provides online auto insurance quotes and online home insurance quotes and offers many top companies from where you can choose the best deal on your home insurance and auto insurance and also helps you in selecting an affordable insurance plan.

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