Commonly Overlooked Insurance Discounts

Grab Those DiscountsDrivers and residents may be surprised by the car or home insurance discounts they already qualify for or could qualify for with little effort. Insurance can be less expensive when drivers and residents do not overlook discount opportunities.

Discounts for Good Students

Insured parties who have not yet established a history of safe homeownership or safe driving practices have another opportunity to demonstrate a high-level of responsibility: Good grades. Students with good grades can qualify for a good student discount on car insurance rates.

Discounts for Driver’s Education

Completing extra driver’s education can help experienced drivers reduce points on their licenses or help new drivers gain experience. Driver’s education teaches the safe practices that reduce accidents. Completing driver’s education courses approved by insurance providers can result in discounted rates.

Discounts for Reduced Risk

Insurance companies look for signs of responsibility and low risk, which is why they offer good student discounts and discounts for supplemental driver’s education. They also reduce rates for other indicators of responsibility and low risk, such as adequate alarm systems on vehicles and homes that deter theft. Insurance shoppers should inquire if there are any actions they can take to update their vehicles and homes and reduce risk and lower their rates.

Discounts for Multiple Policies

Insured parties often purchase different types of insurance separately. However, purchasing car and home insurance through the same provider can result in lower rates for the combined policies when insurance companies offer discounts for multiple policies.

Insurance can be expensive, but drivers receive great deals when they are able to take advantage of good student discounts and drivers’ education discounts. Drivers and residents can also receive lower rates for reducing their risks and holding their various types of insurance policies through one provider.