Overcoming High Prices on Auto Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Be A Smart DriverWhen car insurance companies consider the premium amount they will charge an individual driver, they do not treat every driver the same. Some drivers, including those under the age of 25 and those with a history of many accidents and/or tickets are at a greater risk of getting into an accident. High-risk drivers are generally required to pay higher premiums than other drivers. Yet there are ways that even high-risk drivers can pay less for car insurance, so here is how a high-risk driver can go about overcoming high prices on his or her insurance premiums.

  1. Improve Your Credit Score — Since automobile insurers take an individual driver’s credit score into account when deciding how much to charge the driver for his or her insurance, you should do whatever you can to get a high score. Pay your bills on time, make sure that there are not inaccuracies on your credit report, and so forth to improve your score and save money on insurance premiums.
  2. Shop Around for Insurance — The worst thing you can do as a high-risk driver is not to compare several auto insurance companies when you are looking for coverage. Even though you may still have to pay more than a low-risk driver, considering several different auto insurance companies and quotes will help you find the lowest cost provider and overcome high prices for car insurance.
  3. Look into Policy Discounts — Insurance companies typically offer certain discounts even to high-risk drivers that meet certain criteria. Young drivers, for example, can often get a discount on their premiums when they maintain a high GPA. Ask your insurer about other possible discounts, which may include bundling your car insurance and home insurance with the same insurer, discounts for insuring multiple vehicles, and more.