Where can I Find a Local Home Insurance Agent in Lufkin, TX?

Home insurance is a must in Texas, whether your property is paid in full or mortgaged. Lufkin is located in East Texas a couple hours north of Houston, where in the past, hurricanes, wild fires, tornadoes and other natural disasters have been known to occur. You don’t want to leave your biggest investment unprotected. Our homeowner’s insurance policies are designed to provide a financial safeguard against the unexpected, ensuring a disaster or fire will not leave you homeless.

The traditional way of finding home insurance in Lufkin, TX includes contacting an insurance agent for a quote. Ideally, you should get multiple home insurance quotes to ensure you are getting the most coverage at the most affordable premiums. To get multiple quotes, you can call several insurance companies and speak with company-biased agents, or you can contact an independent agency that represents multiple insurers, ultimately saving time and money.

At our Lufkin, TX agency, we let you find a local home insurance agent that has your best interests in mind. Located in the Piney Woods of Texas, we know that fellow East Texans want hospitable service from a provider who is more interested in providing customized service than making a commission.

We offer all types of home insurance policies that are tailored to meet your coverage needs. We can even help you find out if you qualify for certain home insurance discounts, such as a new home discount, companion policy discount or a home security discount. Our goal is to help you save money without sacrificing the home insurance coverage that you need. Whether you want to speak with an agent in-person or use our online quote comparison tool, we want to be your Lufkin, Texas home insurance agency.

What is the Minimum Auto Coverage Requirements in Lufkin, Texas?

Lufkin drivers must abide by Texas law with regard to auto insurance coverage. State laws require a minimum amount of bodily injury and property liability coverage, although drivers are free to purchase additional coverage amounts too. The minimum liability limits are legal required to ensure that motorists pay for the damages and losses they cause others as a result of an auto collision.

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, in Lufkin, Texas, drivers are required to carry what is referred to as 30/60/25 coverage. In other words, you must have at least $30,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for each person in an accident, with at least $60,000 total coverage available per accident. Furthermore, you must have at least $25,000 allotted for property damage per accident. Driving without the minimum state coverage can result in fines, penalties and license suspension. The state may also tow your vehicle, ultimately resulting in much higher fees than liability insurance premiums cost.

If you need help meeting the minimum auto coverage requirements in Lufkin, our office can help. Not only will we help ensure you are legally covered, but we will also help you analyze how much additional coverage you may need. Whether you want basic liability, or comprehensive benefits with collision coverage that protects you and your own property in the event of an accident, we offer all types of Texas auto coverage.

To get started, you can request an insurance quote online, or you can contact one of our friendly agents for more information. We are an independent insurance company representing multiple insurers, so we will always match you with the policy that gives you the most coverage at the most affordable rates. We value our Lufkin customers and look forward to helping you with all of your insurance needs.

Can you Afford to Use an Independent Insurance Agent in Lufkin, Texas?

Independent insurance agents offer benefits in Lufkin, Texas and around the U.S. for a variety of cost saving reasons. Whenever you purchase insurance for autos, homes or life protection, licensed agents often have different agendas. Those agents, however, experienced and talented, who work for one company must be loyal to their employer. Independent insurance agents can work for you, without pre-defined loyalties to one company.

You can easily afford an insurance agent that represents multiple companies because of premium cost savings and agent independence. Without binding allegiance to one insurance company, experienced independent agents will recommend the best coverage for you. The following are some additional benefits you’ll receive using independent agents.

Unbiased opinions. Insurance companies in Lufkin, Texas and everywhere else maximize premiums and coverage that advance their own interests. While understandable, these companies may or may not offer the best coverage for you. However, your independent agent will give you unbiased opinions about the best insurance programs for your needs. When you consider whether you can afford an insurance agent, consider their loyalties. A company agent must be loyal to his/her employer. An independent agent is loyal to his/her clients (you), more than to a specific company and their offerings.

Expert opinions. More than loyalty, you benefit from your independent agent’s experience and expertise in the market. Instead of "hyping" his/her company’s products as the best available, your independent agent will give you expert opinions based on experience, your needs and the most cost effective coverage options for you.

Claim helping hand. When you need to file a claim, your independent agent in Lufkin, Texas will help you get a fast, satisfactory resolution to your loss. Since your independent agent works for you, not just one company, he/she can dedicate the time and expertise needed to help you resolve claims in your best interests.

Asking if you can afford an insurance agent is a question with an easy answer. Yes! Whether in Lufkin, Texas or anywhere in America, you can afford an insurance agent. Independent agents give you unbiased opinions, allow you to get quotes from multiple companies and look out for your best interests so you receive the best, most cost effective insurance coverage.

Ways to Save on Car Insurance in Lufkin, Texas

If you want to drive in Lufkin, Texas, then you’ll need to purchase auto insurance. Under Texas law, it is illegal to drive the roadways of this state without having first purchased auto insurance. If you are caught driving in Lufkin, TX without car insurance, you’ll face heavy fines and the potential loss of your driving privileges.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay a small fortune to insure your car in Lufkin. You just need to know how to save on car insurance.

Your first step should be to work with an independent insurance broker. These insurance professionals can quickly scan the rates of the top insurance carriers across the nation. Then you can study the live quotes that you receive, making your final decision on which policy to take based on a range of factors including monthly fees, the amount of protection that you need for your vehicle and the size of a policy’s deductible.

Once you’ve settled on an insurance carrier, you can take additional steps to cut your auto insurance rates. First, consider taking out more than one policy with the same insurance company. Many insurers will provide you with a significant discount if you take out an auto insurance policy and a life insurance policy with them.

Secondly, make sure that you practice sound driving habits. Drivers who don’t get speeding tickets and avoid accidents will find that their auto insurance rates will fall over time. Insurance companies favor safe drivers with lower rates.

You can lower your car insurance, too, by purchasing an alarm system to protect your vehicle from theft and by parking in a secure location, such as a parking garage, overnight. Finally, if you lower the amount of miles you drive, perhaps by commuting to work, you’ll see your car insurance rates drop, too.

Knowing how to save on car insurance can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Take these steps to put a bit of padding in your wallet.