The risks of driving without insurance in Texas

The State of Texas has mandatory requirements for insurance coverage. Driving without insurance coverage in Lufkin has several risks. You risk more than just a ticket or fine, you risk losing your vehicle and possibly your financial security.

Minimum requirements

  • Bodily injury coverage for one person – $30,000
  • Total bodily injury coverage per accident – $60,000
  • Property damage coverage – $25,000

Proof of financial responsibility

  • A surety bond can be filed with the county clerk. Two property owners must be on the bond.
  • A $55,000 deposit in cash, securities or cashier’s check can be posted with the county.
  • Obtain minimum insurance coverage from a provider licensed by the state.

Risks of driving without insurance coverage

If you are found to be driving without insurance, your driver’s license and vehicle registration will be suspended. You lose your ability to drive your vehicle or any vehicle. The suspension can be lifted by showing proof of current coverage. A reinstatement fee is also required; this ranges from $175 to $350.

If you receive a suspension notice, you have 20 days to file an appeal. If you prove that you have insurance, no reinstatement fee is required.

If you are found driving a second time without coverage, your car may be impounded. The state can impound your vehicle for 180 days. This is in addition to the loss of your license. Impound fees are applied at $15 per day.

If you are involved in an accident without insurance, you may face a lawsuit. Without insurance the lawsuit will be directed at you, your current savings and possibly your future earnings.

The State Department of Insurance estimates that 20% of drivers in Texas operate vehicles without insurance. Do not be one of these drivers. As your local independent agent for Lufkin, Texas, we can handle your insurance needs. Contact us for quotes for auto, home and personal coverage.

Ways to protect your car without a garage in Texas

From the almost-bayou region where the Sabine River meets the Gulf to the immense stretches of the desert of west Texas, the state has climate conditions that treat an automobile roughly. The summer sun is fierce, and the winters can be brutal in areas.

If you are without a garage then you need to find alternates ways to protect your car to avoid insurance claims.

The easiest way is to keep up the finish of the car. The clearcoat paint on today’s cars is tougher and longer lasting than those of the 1990s and earlier, but keeping a coat of wax on the car will protect it from the sun’s UV rays no matter how long it sits outside. Use a synthetic wax especially formulated for the clearcoat finish and follow the directions carefully.

Large hail is a often a problem in Texas and without a garage you have the possibility of dent damage to the car roof and other areas. Even a partial shelter helps protect the car. Parking it under a tree or on the side of the home protected from the wind can keep the hail away.

The weather is not the only danger in Texas when you are without a garage. Opportunistic car thieves will take any vehicle available, while other boosters look for certain cars that are valuable to either resell complete or chop into parts.

Keep the area around the car well lit. It’s easy to put up solar-powered motion activated outdoor lights even where there is no electricity. Always keep the doors locked, even in your own driveway. If you have to park in the street on a regular basis, then try to find a spot that is easily monitored from your window.

What If I Don’t Have Auto Insurance and I Need a Car Inspection in Lufkin, Texas?

Texas, like other U.S. states, requires motorists to regularly have their vehicles inspected to ensure roadway safety. Every year, drivers must bring their vehicles to a local inspection station to have certain vehicle components, like brakes and tires, inspected for possible problems. Here in Lufkin, TX, there are multiple state inspection stations to choose from — each of which will require you to submit proof of auto insurance coverage before issuing a state inspection sticker.

In Texas, there is a mandatory inspection fee that you must pay when you bring your vehicle in for inspection. If the vehicle does not pass or you are unable to provide proof of state minimum auto insurance coverage, you will have two weeks to return to the station with proof of coverage and a vehicle that passes inspection before you forfeit your inspection fee.

Finding Auto Insurance in Lufkin TX

If your vehicle is due for a car inspection and you do not have auto insurance coverage, contact our office for a no-cost, no obligation quote today. An independent agent will assist you in determining which auto insurance company’s coverage is right for your needs and budget.

Keep in mind, if you drive with auto insurance in Texas, you are placing yourself at financial and legal risk. If you become responsible for an auto accident, you will be liable for the bodily injury and property damages you cause — regardless of whether you have adequate insurance coverage. Furthermore, if you are found driving without state minimum coverage on Texas roadways, you may be cited and fined. Subsequent offenses could result in license suspension, thousands of dollars in addition fines and even jail time of up to 180 days.

Ways to Save on Insurance by Bundling in Lufkin, TX

Saving money is the goal of anyone buying insurance. In Lufkin, TX, that’s easy to do when you consider the options in bundling. Many people can benefit from this simple tool. All you need to do is to purchase all of your insurance products (or as many as you would like to) from the same provider. In doing so, the insurance company can reduce your total cost.

Here’s How It Works

When you request a quote for insurance from our company, we work with you to find the best possible rates available to you. If you buy just auto insurance, for example, you get a flat rate based on the coverage you want and the discounts you qualify for from competitive companies. If you turn to another company for your homeowner’s insurance, that company will also give you a flat rate based on the coverage you need.

However, if you want to save money, request a quote for auto and home insurance from our site as a bundle. By bundling, we can offer you a substantial discount on your policy needs. You can bundle most types of insurance together including:

  • Auto
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Motor homes
  • Multiple vehicles in the same household
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance

Find out what types of insurance we offer that you need. Everyone in the same household can use the same policy to get these bundling discounts. In Lufkin, Texas, we make getting comparative quotes for all of your insurance needs simple. We’ll ensure you get the best bundling discount available while also ensuring the quality of insurance you receive is the best. That way, you do not have to worry about having the wrong coverage or not enough. You’ll pay less for what you need. Let our independent agent to get work finding you the best policy.