Can you Afford to Use an Independent Insurance Agent in Lufkin, Texas?

Independent insurance agents offer benefits in Lufkin, Texas and around the U.S. for a variety of cost saving reasons. Whenever you purchase insurance for autos, homes or life protection, licensed agents often have different agendas. Those agents, however, experienced and talented, who work for one company must be loyal to their employer. Independent insurance agents can work for you, without pre-defined loyalties to one company.

You can easily afford an insurance agent that represents multiple companies because of premium cost savings and agent independence. Without binding allegiance to one insurance company, experienced independent agents will recommend the best coverage for you. The following are some additional benefits you’ll receive using independent agents.

Unbiased opinions. Insurance companies in Lufkin, Texas and everywhere else maximize premiums and coverage that advance their own interests. While understandable, these companies may or may not offer the best coverage for you. However, your independent agent will give you unbiased opinions about the best insurance programs for your needs. When you consider whether you can afford an insurance agent, consider their loyalties. A company agent must be loyal to his/her employer. An independent agent is loyal to his/her clients (you), more than to a specific company and their offerings.

Expert opinions. More than loyalty, you benefit from your independent agent’s experience and expertise in the market. Instead of "hyping" his/her company’s products as the best available, your independent agent will give you expert opinions based on experience, your needs and the most cost effective coverage options for you.

Claim helping hand. When you need to file a claim, your independent agent in Lufkin, Texas will help you get a fast, satisfactory resolution to your loss. Since your independent agent works for you, not just one company, he/she can dedicate the time and expertise needed to help you resolve claims in your best interests.

Asking if you can afford an insurance agent is a question with an easy answer. Yes! Whether in Lufkin, Texas or anywhere in America, you can afford an insurance agent. Independent agents give you unbiased opinions, allow you to get quotes from multiple companies and look out for your best interests so you receive the best, most cost effective insurance coverage.