Common Safety Features That Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Common Safety Features That Lower Auto Insurance Premiums
You will pay more money to buy a car with safety features installed, as these may be sold as options instead of standard features. You can save money in the long run, though, as many insurance companies offer a hefty discount to owners of cars with many common safety features.

Air Bags

About 1/4 of all accident-related deaths are due to side-impact accidents, but you can lower the chances of this happening by ordering a car with side air bags. Cars with side impact air bags lower the chance of being killed in this type of accident by up to 70 percent. Insurance companies in Texas, Oklahoma and other parts of the country are rewarding this addition by lowering insurance premiums or giving discounts on medical payments to customers with air bags installed.

Laminated Windshield

Having your windshield laminated reduces the amount of shattered glass in a vehicle after an accident, helping to keep the windshield in one piece. This option can help lower your basic insurance premiums with many insurance carriers.


Anti-lock braking systems, or ABS, are available in almost all new vehicles. These brakes help you to control your vehicle in a skid by preventing the wheels from locking up. Safer driving while traveling in bad conditions can often result in significant savings in your insurance premiums.