Filing a Home Insurance Claim in Texas

Most homeowners go many years before needing to make a home insurance claim. When that time comes, the process of making a claim may seem intimidating. However, thanks to Texas state laws, the process is usually fast and simple, so long as you have the proper documentation of your losses.

File a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance agent as soon as your home or its contents experiences damage or a loss. Complete a claim form and supply your insurer with any additional information requested of you, such as a police report or a fire department report. Your insurer may send a claims adjuster to view the damage to your property, after which time your insurer will make a decision about your claim.

Texas law states that your home insurer must begin investigating your claim within 15 days of its filing. During that time, it may request further information about the claim. Once it is satisfied with the information you have given, you will receive either an approval or denial of your claim within 15 days, after which time your insurer has 5 days to either pay you or explain why your claim was denied.

Although some circumstances may allow for extended deadlines, failure to comply with state insurance laws could result in fines and penalties. If you have a complaint about a Texas homeowner’s insurance claim, you may contact the Texas Attorney General.

Also, do not fear that filing a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy will result in a cancelation. Texas law prohibits your insurer from refusing to renew your policy because of one or two claims. Instead, your insurer may choose not to renew your policy if you file three or more claims in three years.