How Do I Dispute a Claim on My Insurance Record?

Insurance companies in Texas and other states are careful to maintain a correct and current record of all claims you’ve filed on your auto, home and health insurance. And though it’s certainly not something that happens every day, the situation may arise that you need to dispute a claim on your insurance record. For instance, your insurer may have received information from a medical provider that a certain medical procedure has been performed while in reality, you received no such treatment. Of course, we all know that the more claims you file on any insurance policy, the higher your insurance rates are. That’s why it’s imperative that you periodically review your insurance claims history and take immediate action to rectify any incorrect data.

As soon as you find out about an incorrect claim, you should contact your insurance company and notify them. They’ll give you detailed instructions on how to dispute a claim, which generally begins with contacting the service provider who claims to have performed the service and requesting written documentation of said services. Usually, the mistake can be traced back to an administrative error and is easily resolved, but sometimes getting proof can take longer and requires the aid of a lawyer. Submit the appropriate paperwork containing the documentation to your insurer and request that they rectify the matter on your insurance record.