If Someone is Injured on My Property am I liable?

Although fortunate for some, and unfortunate for others, the law is clear about personal injuries, whom is responsible, and what amount of compensation if any is available. Most states are different but the law is the same. If someone is injured on your property you are responsible.

In Texas premises liability injury claims are typically referred to as classic slip and falls. These claims are made by individuals who have received injuries due to the negligence of building and property owners.

Whether the injury inflicted was at a department store, restaurant or on the elevator the owner is still liable for medical bills and personal damages. According to Texas law victims are entitled to reimbursement of paid medical bill payments or payment for incurred medical services.

In Louisiana the law is set up differently. Injured parties have the burden of proof to provide the court with evidence of their injuries. For example; the property owner is only liable if he or knew of an existing dangerous condition and did not remedy the situation which could have prevent the injury. For instance, for slip and fall accidents the victim must prove three facts.

1. That an intentionally dangerous condition existed on the premises.

2. The property owner should have been aware of the danger or if known should have addressed the problem.

3. That the injuries received were the result of negligence on the owner’s part.

Other states have laws in place that protect the consumer and the property owner. Remember that the law varies by state so to be sure you are purchasing the right kind of insurance coverage to protect you in the event of an accident, talk to a qualified agent from your area. You can find your local Integra agent who can answer all of your questions by clicking on the home tab in the top left, and then clicking on the office locations tab in the right sidebar.

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  1. An occupier is accountable to make sure that individuals who come onto the residence are reasonably secure. The level of liability you owe is determined by the circumstances.

  2. If you are owner of a company or any property and some bad things are happen or anyone is injured on your property you are responsible for that according to the law. So many other issues could happen when you are away from your house like robbery, fire and other damages. It is a good idea to take property insurance to protect you from these types of issues. Protect your home! Thanks for sharing that valuable post.

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