Is it an option to have boat insurance seasonally in Texas?

Boat insurance is vitally important for anyone that owns a boat or other watercraft. You need to not only protect your own interests, but you also want to keep yourself protected in case you damage property or someone else’s boat in an accident. However, even though you do not want to be without insurance, you do not want to pay more than you have to. Because of this, many people wonder if it is optional to only insure a boat during the summer season, when they will have the boat on the water.

This is not a simple question. While you could simply insure your boat only during the months you will have it on the water, this is not quite as good of an idea as it might seem. Just because you will not have your boat on the water, you likely still want to have it protected from other incidents that could occur. For instance, if it is stored on your driveway, it could be damaged during a hailstorm or tornado. If you did not have insurance, you would be completely out of luck.

Because of this, you probably want to keep the boat insured year round. However, there are other options. Many insurance companies including those from Lufkin, Texas will offer an insurance policy that is less expensive during the winter months, when your boat is not on the water.

The best way to understand this process is talking to an independent agent. You will get more information about what you can expect to pay, and the different ways you can save money. You will find that talking directly with an agent is often the best way to understand your insurance policy and the fees associated with it.