Ways to protect your car without a garage in Texas

From the almost-bayou region where the Sabine River meets the Gulf to the immense stretches of the desert of west Texas, the state has climate conditions that treat an automobile roughly. The summer sun is fierce, and the winters can be brutal in areas.

If you are without a garage then you need to find alternates ways to protect your car to avoid insurance claims.

The easiest way is to keep up the finish of the car. The clearcoat paint on today’s cars is tougher and longer lasting than those of the 1990s and earlier, but keeping a coat of wax on the car will protect it from the sun’s UV rays no matter how long it sits outside. Use a synthetic wax especially formulated for the clearcoat finish and follow the directions carefully.

Large hail is a often a problem in Texas and without a garage you have the possibility of dent damage to the car roof and other areas. Even a partial shelter helps protect the car. Parking it under a tree or on the side of the home protected from the wind can keep the hail away.

The weather is not the only danger in Texas when you are without a garage. Opportunistic car thieves will take any vehicle available, while other boosters look for certain cars that are valuable to either resell complete or chop into parts.

Keep the area around the car well lit. It’s easy to put up solar-powered motion activated outdoor lights even where there is no electricity. Always keep the doors locked, even in your own driveway. If you have to park in the street on a regular basis, then try to find a spot that is easily monitored from your window.

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