How to get Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates in Texas

Everything is big in Texas, except for auto insurance rates. If you know you are paying too much for insurance or you think you could be, it may be time to look to a new agent for help. Instead of turning to the same company time and time again, contact us as your local independent agency. How can you save on Lufkin, Texas insurance?

#1 – Use an Independent Agency

Instead of going to one of the larger or national insurance companies for coverage, turn to our independent agents. These professionals work for you, comparing the policies and options for numerous companies on your behalf. This easy, comparative service ensures you always get the right price.

#2 -Don’t Stick Around

One of the biggest reasons individuals pay too much for auto insurance is because they stay with the same company every year. Did you know that these agents can help you to find insurance providers that offer significant deals on first time subscribers? Just for being a new customer, you’ll save significantly on your costs.

#3 – Ask for Discounts

If you want cheaper rates, ask for discounts and deals. Most companies offer numerous discounts based on the driver. Consider these, all of which are available in Texas.

  • Good driver discounts for those that are not involved in accidents
  • Anti-theft system discounts
  • Discounts for having more than one policy (for multiple vehicles or types of insurance)
  • Savings for those with anti-lock brakes
  • Good student discounts for student drivers with a solid academic record
  • Minimal use discounts

If you want cheaper rates than you are paying now, get a simple, fast and online comparative quote from an independent agent. It takes minutes to see how much you will save on the auto insurance you need.

Texas Weather Accident: Is Damage Covered with Liability Insurance?

In many cases, weather can be a real problem for those with a vehicle. However, you’ll need to have the right type of insurance to cover the costs of any type of weather event. The circumstances surrounding the case also matter. If you are in need of auto insurance in Lufkin, Texas or the surrounding area, it may be best to seek out an independent agency like ours to help you to learn if you have the right types of coverage.

Your Insurance and Your Accident

If your vehicle is involved in an accident or suffers from damage caused by your own property, then you are responsible for it. Weather related problems, including hail, wind, flooding and even fire damage are covered under comprehensive insurance policies. This specific policy is often necessary if no one else caused the situation to happen to you.

Liability From Other Problems

If there is some type of incident in which another person is responsible for the damage to your vehicle, then you may have a liability claim. For example, if a branch from a neighbor’s tree falls on your car as a result of a wind storm (and especially if the neighbor did not take care of the branch prior to the incident occurring even though it needed attention) you may be able to file a liability claim against the neighbor’s policy.

Having the right type of insurance is critical. Instead of buying the wrong thing or not getting enough coverage, contact us and speak with independent agent for a quote. He or she will work specifically with you to determine what’s right for your needs. And, since this agent is working for you rather than a specific insurance company, you’ll know you will get the most affordable policy available.

Does my Spouse have to be on my car insurance policy in Texas?

Car insurance companies in the state of Texas will require that all licensed drivers to be listed on the policy. The concern is that any driver that does not have insurance can inflict serious financial losses on themselves or on another person. To answer the question, "Does my spouse have to be listed on the insurance policy?" There are a few things that you should understand about car insurance.

Top Reasons Why Your Spouse Should be Listed on Your Insurance Policy

  1. Without insurance your spouse will not be able to drive legally in the state of Texas.
  2. You may open yourself up to a major financial loss in the event that they are in an at-fault accident.
  3. There will be no coverage in the event that your car is damaged in a non-related accident.
  4. You may have a need for medical services at the accident site and if they are not listed on the policy you may end up paying for the medical services yourself.
  5. Your spouse will also benefit from the discounts that your good driving record may give them.
  6. You will only have to pay one insurance premium instead of two.
  7. By having both drivers on the policy you will also benefit from their good driving record as well.

Having car insurance in the Lufkin, Texas area is just a good idea for many reasons. In order to stay compliant with the local and state laws you really should have at least a liability insurance policy. If you have any questions about car insurance or the benefits of having your spouse on your policy, then feel free to contact us to speak with an independent. We can assist you in setting up and maintaining your auto insurance needs.

Steps to filing a Home Insurance claim in Lufkin, Texas

Texas homeowners will be the first to tell you that there is a need to have an insurance policy for the property that you own. For they know at any time there could be some kind of disaster that will damage the property. It is not a matter of if but rather when the event will take place. A homeowner must have a policy in place before the damage occurred in order to have any kind of pay out. In order to get the best service from your policy you must follow the correct steps of filing a claim.

The Steps to Filing a Claim in Lufkin, Texas

  1. Find your policy and look in the contact section of the document. You will see a number of phone numbers that you can call for any kind of service. Before calling the number make sure to take pictures of the damage before any clean up begins so you have documentation to send the insurance company.
  2. Describe the damage to the agent and set up a time where he can come to the property to evaluate the damage. Try not to clean up anything unless it will prevent further damage from taking place.
  3. The agency may have certain companies that they use for home repair. Be willing to work with them and use their company. You can still keep the appointment times in line with your schedule.
  4. Be present when the contractors are there so you can answer any questions that they may have while working on your home.

Filing an insurance claim is an easy process. If you have any questions about the process, then feel free to contact us and speak with an independent agent today. They can answer all of your questions and work with you through the repair process.