The Reason Why Texas Home Insurance Rates Are On the Rise

Have you noticed your Texas home rates start to increase, even though you have not changed your policy coverage at all? There are a lot of factors that come into play when providers. Here are three.

#1: Hail, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Other Natural Disasters

When it comes to your Texas home insurance rates, the first person to blame is Mother Nature. When hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters hit, insurance companies are forced to pay out to repair policyholder homes. This then causes the companies to adjust the level of risk for that area, raising rates. Hurricane Ike is a perfect example of this in Texas.

#2: Robberies, Theft, and Crime

Crime rates are also figured into homeowner’s insurance rates. Have you ever wondered why your rate can be completely different than someone a few blocks away in another zip code? Property insurers look at crime statistics to help determine the level of risk for the homes they cover. In areas where the crime rate shows an increased likelihood of a home being broken into, the insurance rates are higher.

#3: Your Individual Number of Claims

Nobody wants to have to file a claim with their insurance carrier. However, there are times in which doing so is your only option. After filing a claim on your home insurance policy, expect an increase in rates for a minimum of two to three years. Why? Insurers make most of their money off those who pay premiums, yet never have a need to use their coverage. To encourage this, companies offer discounts to customers who do not file claims. Filing even one small claim can cause you to lose this discount until enough time has passed.

For more information on how to lower your home insurance rates, speak to your local Lufkin independent agent.

Examining your Insurance Options in the Lone Star State

Texas is big and beautiful, with tons of things to do. Having options is a great thing, but when you have too many or you aren’t sure what to choose, it can be difficult. Don’t let confusion over insurance options in the Lone Star State get you down. Instead, make sure you talk with someone who can give you insight. As an independent agent, we can help you find what you need in regard to insurance in the Lufkin area. It’s always a good idea to have an agent help you choose an insurance policy, so you know all your options.

It’s possible to just buy insurance online, but you might not get what you really need and want. There’s always a lot of fine print. In order to navigate through it successfully, you need someone who’s well-versed in the business and knows what questions to ask to make sure you get the right coverage. It’s also a good idea to get insurance quotes from several different companies, and your independent agent can provide you with that opportunity.

Multiple quotes will let you take a good look at your Texas insurance options, so you won’t be stuck with a company you’re not sure about or that doesn’t offer you a good policy for your money. Price is important, but so is the value you’re getting for whatever you’re paying in premiums. By letting us help you find the best policy for you, you’ll have the peace of mind you need and you won’t be overpaying for a policy on your car, home, or life. You’ll also get the value you really need from your insurance, so you have less financial risk if something should go wrong and you need to make a claim.

Are Discounts Provided During the Lay Up Period in Lufkin, Texas

When a boat is put aside for the winter months, it may seem like a waste of money to continue paying for insurance coverage. Although the lay up period may not seem to require insurance, it is possible for a boat to be damaged during that period. Having coverage is still an important part of protecting personal assets, though it may be possible to get a discount in Lufkin, Texas.

Basic Discounts

In many cases, discounts are provided by insurers during the lay up period because the number of possible risks associated with the vessel is limited. It is unlikely that a boat will become damaged when it is properly winterized and put away for the season. The exact discount that may apply can vary, but it may reduce the monthly cost of coverage by a reasonable percentage.

Conditions for Reductions

Although reduced prices are available, companies may have conditions that apply to the ship. In many cases, insurers ask you to winterize your boat and keep it in an appropriate location during the winter months. A properly winterized boat is a vessel that cannot go into the water immediately.

Some insurers may also have a strict limitation on the size of the vessel. For example, the insurer may require that the boat be at least 27 inches long or longer before offering a discount. The size requirements may vary between companies, so it is important to look through the policy for any details before assuming that the vessel is too small.

It is possible to get a reduced rate during the winter months or when the ship is not in use as long as the appropriate requirements are met. To learn more about getting a discounted rate, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

How Integra Insurance Services can find me the best Insurance Options in Lufkin, Texas

Integra Insurance Services is an independent agency that offers you much more than just an insurance agent. Integra has knowledgeable and experienced insurance advisors who are passionate about ensuring clients find the best protection available for both their homes and automobiles.

At first glance, policies may look the same; however, further investigation is necessary to make sure comparisons are accurate. This is where Integra comes in. We walk you through the insurance process and make sure that the coverage you want is the coverage you get at the best price possible.

When it comes to auto insurance, it is important that you have all the minimum state-required coverage, as well as the options you want. Knowing what you need is essential because it directly affects your payment. The bottom line is why should you pay for options you do not need or want?

Integra helps you accurately compare online insurance quotes. Similar policy prices can vary tremendously from one insurer to the next. Without Integra’s assistance, you have to sift through all the online insurance quotes yourself, which can become rather confusing. Our insurance advisors have the experience necessary to sift through these quotes quickly and find you the policy that best meets your needs.

For many, the largest single investment they make in their lifetime is their home, which also makes it their largest asset. For these reasons, protecting your home is not an option, but a necessity. You need to protect your home no matter what happens. This means protecting your home from fire, natural disasters, theft or any other accident that may occur.

As your independent agent, we know that the most important factors when choosing your home and auto coverage is to make sure that you get all the coverage you want and need at a price you can afford.

Integra Insurance Services has a home office near Lufkin, Texas and there are several independent agency branches available throughout the region. So, if you live in or near Lufkin, Texas contact us today. We have an independent agent who will help you find the best coverage at a price you can afford.

We also offer assistance locating commercial and rental insurance companies to meet your needs.

How to make a Claim on my Homeowners Insurance for Wind Damage in Lufkin, Texas?

Living in Lufkin, Texas can be a great experience, but from time to time there are severe wind storms that have to be dealt with. This can happen when hurricanes move inland from the Gulf of Mexico, or when storm systems move across the country with the jet stream. No matter where the wind comes from, you’ll want to be sure your house is protected as much as possible. For the things you can’t control, there’s homeowners insurance to cover you financially in case of damage.

If you need to make a claim on your policy, you don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about whether you’re covered or whether your insurance company will pay for the wind storm damage. Sometimes, though, it’s possible to have damage that won’t be covered. That can happen if you don’t have the right kind of policy, and you might not even realize you’re at risk until it’s too late. To avoid that, come see us. As an independent agent, we can ensure that you have the best insurance policy for your needs, and that you’re covered for any kind of wind storm. Then when you call us to make a claim, you can still keep your peace of mind.

Keep in mind that the winds that come from a hurricane aren’t treated the same way as the winds that come from more common storms, so make sure you ask about coverage for both. Since you’re not right on the coast you may not need hurricane coverage, but that’s something we can discuss so you can make the best decision when it comes to your insurance and your finances. You’ll only be able to get a claim paid if you have the right coverage, so spending a little bit of time now can save you a lot of heartache later.