In Lufkin, Texas, Am I Covered by Home Insurance if a Pipe Cracks Due to Root Infiltration?

Root infiltration is a problem that any homeowner can face, particularly if the house has a tree in the yard or is near a strand of trees. The problem is that the infiltration might result in a cracked pipe, which is sometimes a costly repair. Fortunately, many insurance companies in Lufkin, Texas will allow you to claim the damage as long as the damage was not sustained over a long period of time.

In most cases, you will be covered for cracks in your pipes if a tree root shoots through those pipes and causes damage. Since you are not responsible for the damage and you did not know about the damage, you cannot be expected to take measures to prevent the problem. It is not a matter of simple maintenance when tree roots spring up under your home.

Although most cases are covered, hairline cracks in the pipes can signify that the problem was not sudden. When a tree root has caused gradual damage, your insurance provider may or may not pay for the repairs. The hairline cracks suggest that the problem has developed slowly, so you should have seen warning signs and been able to take action before the pipes became badly damaged.

Ultimately, the ability to make a claim will depend on your particular insurance provider and the situation. In most cases, you will be able to make a claim, but only if your policy does not exclude this type of damage.

If you are unsure about your coverage, then you should talk to your provider and ask about the specifics of the policy. To learn more about damages to your pipes or insurance options, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

In Lufkin, Texas, Is There a Way to Change the Installment Repayment Dates for My Car Insurance Policy?

For those who have car insurance in Lufkin, Texas, the good news is that you do have some flexibility when it comes to making payments towards your policy. If you are having difficulty with your current schedule, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding making changes to it.

Contact Your Agent

If you have an independent agent, contact that auto insurance provider and discuss your options. In many cases, the company will be flexible with you. Discuss what your needs are and what you should do to get back on track in terms of payments. In most cases, you will not be able to miss a payment. That is, if you want to change when your repayment is due, you will need to be ahead of schedule rather than behind. If you lapse in payment, this could lead to cancellation of your policy.

For those who are having difficulty making their monthly payment, it may be more than just the dates. You may be struggling because you are overpaying. If this could be the problem, contact our independent agent to learn more about your options. You will find that it is easy to find an insurance company that will work with your specific needs and help you to keep your payments as low as possible.

An installment plan is often something that agents will work with you on, but you will need to contact the agent before you become late on the pay. Do not wait until you are behind to make a request to change these dates. Also realize that it may not always be possible to do this, especially if your policy is behind on payments. Talk to our Lufkin, Texas agents for more information.

If I am a co-applicant on my husband’s auto insurance policy & if he expires, can I continue using the same insurance policy in Lufkin, Texas?

It is quite normal for couples in Lufkin, Texas to go down to their local independent agent and purchase an auto insurance policy that is in both their names. Both your husband and you, as a co-applicant are covered equally when either one of you drives the car.

If, during the time that your auto policy is in effect, your husband expires as the result of injuries suffered in a serious car accident, you will be able to file a claim under your existing auto insurance policy. You should inform your insurer about the death of your husband. They will certainly show some compassion and work with you in such a difficult time.

As a co-applicant, that may mean that you are just as entitled to coverage whether you actually paid the premium or your husband took care of that financial matter. If you are only listed as an occasional driver in the household, you still have rights under estate law. Assuming that your husband’s estate, which includes any paid-up insurance, is all transferred into your name, you have full interest in that auto policy.

Your insurance company can choose to simply remove your husband from the policy and allow you to maintain coverage until your policy expires, or they can offer you a new policy and cancel the old one. Your rates should stay the same unless the policy is canceled before it automatically expires and a new policy is underwritten.

If you are asked to cancel the policy and get a new one, your premium may change based upon the risk you present and not the combined risk in the canceled policy that was for both you and your husband.

You should not be left out in the cold. It would be highly unusual and quite cruel for your auto insurance company to abandon you in such an instance. If you would like to discuss what your next steps should be in the event that your husband expires, give us a call and an independent agent will help you through this tough time in your life.

What Should I do in Lufkin, Texas, if my Car Meets With an Accident Due to my Neighbor’s Dog?

Facing an accident in Lufkin, Texas is not always easy on your car insurance. When the accident is caused by a neighbor’s dog, you are not liable for the damage to your car because the owner did not take measures to keep the dog on personal property or left the pet unsupervised.

Depending on the type of accident that occurs, your auto coverage may or may not need to step in. For example, if your neighbor had an appropriate pet insurance policy that focuses on damages from the animal, then your car may be covered under that policy.

In other situations, you may find that you need to pay for the damaged to a personal vehicle. Although you can take your neighbor to court for negligence and inappropriate care of the animal, you might not be granted the full cost of repairs from the court. The situation and your personal insurance will ultimately determine whether your coverage will pay for damages or you are held responsible.

Usually, your neighbor will be held responsible for the damages to your vehicle as long as it is possible to prove that the dog caused the damage or was the direct cause of the accident. The insurance companies or a court will require proof, so you should take pictures with a phone and contact your neighbor as soon as the accident occurs to record the damages and the situation.

Although it is hard to assume that a neighbor’s dog can cause damage to a vehicle, it is a possible problem. A larger dog is particularly worrisome because it can require major repairs to your car. To learn more about your rights when pets cause damage to a vehicle, call us today to speak with an independent agent.