What is the time frame within which the auto insurance policy needs to be transferred after selling the car in Lufkin, Texas?

If you have sold a car in Lufkin, Texas you will need to transfer the insurance immediately. To make sure you are not held liable for incidents with the vehicle you sold, you should file a vehicle transfer notification within a quick time frame. This will protect you from accidents, traffic tickets, or toll violations which could be associated with the vehicle.

Speaking with an independent agent about insurance requirements before selling your car is a smart choice. The agent will tell you what needs to be done after the vehicle is sold and the registration is transferred. Within a certain amount of time, if you bought a different vehicle, you will need to transfer insurance to that automobile. An independent agent will be able to help you compare quotes from several different providers and find rates that will fit your budget.

When you sell a car in Lufkin, the best option is to meet with the buyer at the local tax office or DMV. This way you will know for sure that proper paperwork has been filed. If you sold your car through a dealership, you will want to make sure a vehicle transfer notification has been completed. If you are also buying a car from the same dealership, they will be able to help you make sure your new car is insured. It is a good idea to speak with your independent agent before you buy or sell a car. This way you will have accurate information about how to transfer your coverage and to make sure you will be able to afford the car payments and the insurance payments. When you contact our independent agent, he will help you find the perfect policy for your needs.

What risks are not covered in Lufkin, Texas, under my auto insurance policy?

While you only need liability coverage to operate a vehicle in Lufkin, Texas, it is always a good idea to go beyond the minimum levels of coverage required by the state. Though liability coverage ensures your compliance with the law, it won’t cover many of the risks that you face while driving. Here are just a few risks that a basic policy will not cover.

Accidents Caused By Other Drivers

Liability insurance kicks in when you, the driver, cause an accident. In cases where another driver hits your car, you may be left with the bill. Since it is highly likely that you may get into an accident where you are not at fault, it is a good idea to expand your insurance policy to cover the actions of other drivers.

Vandalism or Theft

Even if you live in a low-crime area, a random act of vandalism or theft can be expensive. However, coverage for these two events don’t come in your standard policy and will need to be added on.

Natural Disasters

Fires, floods, and hail storms are just a few of the natural disasters that can cause major damage to your vehicle. Some natural disasters may cause extensive body damage to your vehicle that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Unfortunately, damage caused by natural disasters isn’t covered by liability insurance.

Contact Your Independent Agent

As you can see, there are many risks that you should consider before purchasing an auto insurance policy. If you are covered under the minimum requirements in Texas, there are still many accidents and events that you won’t be protected against. Contact your independent agent to learn about all of the scenarios that can put your car at risk and to find the policy that gives you the best protection from all the risks you can face.

Is personal accident cover to unnamed passengers in Lufkin, Texas, available on my car insurance policy?

There’s been a lot of talk about personal accident covers for unnamed passengers lately. Is it required? Should you have it? What exactly is a personal accident cover, anyway, and is it available on your Lufkin, Texas policy? Here’s what you need to know.

Personal accident coverage, often called personal injury protection, is a type of policy that covers medical bills for passengers in your vehicle in case they are injured while you’re driving. In some states, this type of coverage is required. In others, it may be an option for an add-on to your existing policy.

Texas does not require car owners to purchase personal accident coverage, but an independent agent would probably recommend it, just to make sure that those riding with you are covered if an accident occurs.

Depending on the situation, passengers riding in your vehicle could hold you liable for all medical fees associated resulting from an accident that happened while you were driving. Personal accident coverage makes sure that your passengers are covered.

Choosing add-ons for your auto insurance policy can be a headache. Sometimes it’s too tempting to simply purchase the minimum coverage necessary to save a few dollars a month. But this is one type of add-on that could end up making all the difference if something happens while you’re driving.

Take the time to talk to an independent agent in the Lufkin, Texas area. Your agent can ask questions about the type of driving you do and other aspects of your situation to set you up with a policy that fits into your budget and provides you with the coverage you need.

In Lufkin, Texas, What is Premium Loading on Auto Insurance Policy?

When you are purchasing car insurance in Lufkin, Texas, you may see terms in your contract like premium loading. The auto insurance policy may state that the company engaged in premium loading, which can seem complicated until you know what the term represents.

Added Fees

In general, the term is referring to an added cost to your premium. The additional fees are designed to help cover the expense of maintaining the business so that you are getting appropriate protection for the lowest price available.

Basically, the term is discussing additional fees over the basic monthly expense that is paid to the company for their services.

The Cost of Fees

The additional expense added to the account will vary based on the details of the contract and the specific policy that you purchase. It may add a small fee to the basic price of your monthly expense or it may add a relatively high expense, depending on how much the insurer loads onto the cost.

Getting the Best Rates

Since the additional fee is a normal cost that insurers can add to the basic expense to run the business, getting the best rates on your policy requires some consideration for fees. As your independent agent, we can help you find the best rates for your plans and goals. We help you find a policy that meets your needs without exceeding your budget or preferred price range.

Finding the right coverage for your needs requires some consideration for the price. In many cases, you may find that the insurer adds an extra fee to the basic cost to help maintain the expense of running a business. Fortunately, comparing your options can make it easier to stay in your budget. To learn more, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Are There Any Charges Applied in Lufkin, Texas, for an NCB Transfer?

When you are working out an NCB transfer in Lufkin, Texas for your auto insurance policy, you may worry about charges that are applied to your account. The details about charges that may or may not be applied to your car insurance will vary based on the company that is accepting the transfer.

Company Variations

Each company has a different policy regarding the NCB transfer process. In some cases, you may be required to pay a small fee, which is a one-time expense that is added to your account immediately after the transfer is made. In other cases, you may not face any added charges on your account because the company might not have any fees associated with an NCB transfer.

Companies offer a variety of different plans and options for potential customers and the exact details of any contract or agreement can vary between businesses and the specific details associated with the company.

Getting the Right Plan

When you are not sure about an insurer or a specific plan, an independent agent can help. As an independent agent, we answer any questions that you may have regarding the process of changing companies and help you find the right company to fit your needs and budget.

By working with an agent, you can feel confident that you are getting the best rates and coverage available for your specific concerns and your specific situation.

Finding the right plan for your car can seem simple, but the situation often dictates the best solution for your goals. When you are changing companies, the process can seem complicated at the beginning. Fortunately, you have several options for your vehicle. To learn more about finding the right coverage for your needs, contact us to talk to an agent.

What is the Stipulated Time Required to Convert the Policy After an Inspection Request Online in Lufkin, Texas?

There is no need to worry if you find yourself in a situation where your car insurance has lapsed for whatever reason. It’s important that you take the time to give us a call so that we can provide you with specific details for your individual circumstances.

As an independent agent, we will carefully review the details so that we can easily and very quickly help you deal with this problem. We will go over the process for the renewal of your lapsed auto insurance policy by instructing you about filling out all of the required details online for an inspection request.

Unexpected things sometimes happen for a variety of reasons, but it does not have to be a stressful situation. As your independent agent, we’re here to guide you, and give you all of the necessary information that applies in Lufkin, Texas.

After the actual inspection takes place, we will then contact you, and help you with the renewal process for your lapsed auto insurance policy including any stipulated changes, or things that you may want to convert. There’s absolutely no reason why you have to attempt to handle this insurance problem on your own.

Our only mission is to take care of and help to guide and protect our customers with their specific insurance concerns and needs. So many of our individual and business customers tell us that dealing with an independent insurance agent gives them a great sense of comfort because they’re very aware of the fact that we’re not bound to any one insurance company.

Our business is centered on the needs of our customers, and it has always been based on professionalism, service, and the highest level of integrity.