What are the Average Payouts for Homeowners Insurance in Texas?

As a seasoned insurance agent in Lufkin, Texas, homeowner’s insurance in Lufkin, anywhere in Texas and across the United States is all the same. Insurance companies do not want to payout any more then they have to pay. Texas homeowner insurances are generally paying a lot less than the estimated cost to replace and or repair their property structures. This is no different then any other state Nationwide.

The recommendation is, if the homeowner receives a payout from the insurance company and it is far below from what the estimate was, the homeowner should not accept the check, and fight the insurance company. The problem is that most homeowners do not know how to appeal an insurance decision to receive their fair share. On average homeowners are not receiving fair payouts and especially in localities that have been hit hard by the recent weather.

A past independent agent claims that their company would not pay out on claims that they knew were covered claims. This independent agent admitted that they were told to reduce claim amounts. Homeowners should not take to heart all that the insurance adjuster says, because he is working for the insurance company not them. Second opinions are a valuable asset to any homeowner’s insurance claim. The homeowner can obtain an attorney or a public insurance adjuster, as these two are the only ones that can legally negotiate a claim.

Insurance companies are paying out a lot less these days than they did even a few years ago. In a Nationwide survey recently taken, there was slightly over 10 percent of the homeowners who felt that insurance settlements were satisfactory. This survey also said that the average pay out for two states affected by Katrina was about $15,000 and this amount is more than any other state, including Lufkin, Texas.

The recommendations coming out of these low payouts are for homeowners to document anything and everything that has to do with damage and repairs including labor costs. Homeowners need to take out insurance policies that are going to pay the most on a claim with the least of monthly premium costs.