What is the Texas Homeowner Insurance Payout for Ceiling Damage?

The payout for ceiling damage in Lufkin, Texas is the same anywhere else in Texas and across the United States. Payouts are based upon the amount of damage and the type of damage to the ceiling. Ceiling damage is generally due to a faulty roof. Damage can stem from other issues such as fire. The factors that determine ceiling damage is the area of damage, the materials and the labor cost..

Repair of a ceiling can run from $100.00 on upward to thousands of dollars in repair and labor, if a new roof and ceiling is needed. The average payout for a ceiling repair is $100.00 to $300.00. If the damage is due to a bad roof then it will depend on how long the roof has been faulty and how long water has been leaking through the ceiling. There may also be a mold issue that will need special labor, and equipment to repair.

A severely damaged ceiling can eventually cause a house to be uninhabitable, so must be repaired as soon as possible. The first step that the homeowner must take is, to be sure that their roof is always in good condition and make the necessary repairs as needed, to prevent ceiling damage.

A homeowner’s insurance policy in Texas or anywhere else will not payout on a claim that involves the maintenance and upkeep of the home’s roof or ceiling. If damage was done by wind, weather, or fire then photos and documentation should be collected by the homeowner.

As your independent insurance agent in Lufkin, Texas, we will work with an insurance adjuster to estimate the cost for repairs to the ceiling. Professional estimates to repair the damage will be needed from the homeowner, by three certified contractors. The insurance adjuster may payout a small estimate on the spot, but a larger estimate will have to be calculated by the insurance company. A higher insurance payout for the homeowner will be more possible with the three contractor estimates for repairs from Lufkin, Texas.