Whose Insurance Company is Held Responsible if my Boat Gets Lit up by Police Gun Fire to Catch a Fugitive in Lufkin, Texas?

When police fire a weapon at a fugitive during a chase, it is possible for property damage to occur. If a boat is damaged in Lufkin, Texas during police activity, the responsible party for the damages will depend on the situation.

If police gun fire is the cause of the damage, then the department’s insurance company will usually pay for the damages to personal property. Although the officers take measures to avoid gun fire in any public location, it is sometimes a necessary part of catching a fugitive. Unfortunately, damage can occur to third party belongings and the police are liable for that damage in most situations.

While the department will usually pay for the damaged through their insurance, the situation will ultimately dictate the responsible party. In a situation that is related to passersby or uninvolved third parties, you are not responsible for the damage and you can take your request for repairs to the department. If you are involved in the situation, then the damages may or may not be covered by the department. For example, if you are held hostage, then you are not liable for damages to your property. If you are actively involved in a criminal act, then the damage is due to personal actions and you are held responsible for the repairs and repair costs.

Ultimately, the insurance that pays for damages to a boat from crossfire is the department. Since the officers were involved directly and you are an uninvolved third party, you will be able to make a claim with the department. If you want to learn more about legalities related to police activities and property damage, contact us to talk to an independent agent.