Can a learner driver in Lufkin, TX be added to an existing auto insurance policy?

A learner driver in Lufkin, Texas can be added to an existing auto insurance policy. Usually you will not need to add a driver until he or she becomes a licensed driver. If your son or daughter is currently taking a drivers education course and has not applied for a regular license, you should be able to wait to add the driver to your auto plan. Our independent agent can help you determine when you need to add the learner driver to your automobile insurance policy.

If the learner driver is going to drive one of the family vehicles, he or she will need to be insured. When the drivers obtain a regular Texas drivers license, you can add them to the policy. This will cost more money on the family plan, but it will be less expensive than a teenager obtaining a policy of his or her own. When speaking with an independent agent in Lufkin, Texas you can compare quotes and find rates that fit into an affordable budget.

Automobile insurance is important so make sure you have the protection you need. Young drivers can save money on auto insurance by maintaining good grades and driving responsibly. Make sure drivers understand that a speeding ticket will increase the amount if insurance they will have to pay. You will also want to make sure young drivers know the consequences of distracted driving. Some auto insurance companies will give you discounts on teen coverage if they meet specific requirements. Before you get ready to add the learner driver to your insurance plan, speak with our independent agent about an affordable quote.