There is a big crack in our wall due to foundation issues, can I make a claim for a repair?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover the costs to fix or repair cracks in the foundation of a home. In fact, most insurance policies will not cover any type of damage, such as bulging, settling, or shifting, which may occur to this part of a home.

The main reason why making a claim of this nature with an insurance company will come up empty is because it simply is not covered. Homeowner’s insurance is designed to provide the homeowner with protection against a sudden, accidental or unexpected event. Unfortunately, most foundation issues are not considered sudden or unexpected by the insuring company.

Sudden, accidental and unexpected events that are typically covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy include fires, theft, and some types of flood damage. Damage to the structure of the home, which is what this part of the home is considered, is typically not considered sudden, unexpected, or accidental. This means any claim filed will most likely be denied.

If you are experiencing any of these structural problems and wish to have it covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, it is best to call an agent for advice. The agent can look at your current homeowner’s insurance policy and provide you with guidance on what may or may not be covered.

We, your independent insurance agent, can work with you to compare and contrast homeowner’s insurance policies from various companies. We will work to find you a policy that provides the protection you want and need for your home in Texas.