I wasn’t at fault for the accident. How do I get my deductible back in Lufkin, Texas?

As your independent agent, it’s hard for us to determine where the fault lies without much more information about the auto claim and your deductible. The insurance adjuster will also have input into the accident, and at this point, we have no access to his accident report. If you are claiming that your car malfunctioned and ran out of control, or that the roadway collapsed, that may be a factor, but we don’t have this information. With a malfunction, the car will have to be properly checked out by your insurance company before any determination can be made.

Distractions such as talking on the phone, texting, eating, drinking, or trying to read a map and drive, etc., are frequently the cause of automobile accidents. We’ve even seen circumstances with accidents where men were shaving, and women were applying makeup while driving. This type of behavior is simply inviting trouble.

If you absolutely must make a phone call that can’t wait until you reach your destination, make sure you have a blue tooth so that your hands are on the wheel, and not on the phone. Keep the call short and to the point.

With situations such as bad weather involving rain, sleet or snow requires drivers to pay even more attention to the road and driving conditions. If you’re speeding, cutting in and out of lanes and you hit another car, it’s not the snow’s fault, it’s yours for not following proper driving precautions. If you’re driving in dangerous weather, get off the road…have something to eat…or check into a motel until it’s safe to drive.

No two states are the same when it comes to laws. This is why we encourage you to contact us about your Lufkin, Texas accident. There are classification of comparative negligence on the books with variations that depend on the state laws.