Get Affordable Toy Insurance in Jacksonville, TX

Having fun and fantastic toys is one of the privileges of being a grown up, but with that privilege does come a responsibility: Protecting the toys that you spent your hard earned money on. Toy insurance is something that people may not initially think about since the items in question are often used only for recreational purposes. However, you are easily able to insure your toys, just the same way that you are able to insure your daily driver vehicles and your home.

The types of toys that are insured under a toy policy will typically include nearly anything that has a motor and is used for some type of transport. It is not necessary for the toy to ever be taken onto public roads for it to be insured. Some of the toys most commonly covered by a toy policy will include: Watercrafts of all types (boats, jet skis,) motor homes (recreational vehicles,) golf carts, dune buggies, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs,) classic cars, antique cars, campers, and trailers.

The type of coverage that you get will depend partly on whether the vehicle is ever taken on the road or not (or on public waterways in the case of watercraft.) If you live in Jacksonville, TX and use your ATV on public property, for example, or if you transport your ATV on public roads, you’ll need to get the same general type of coverage that you have on your primary vehicles:

  • Comprehensive (for theft or non collision damage)
  • Collision (for damage during collisions of any variety)
  • Liability (for damage that happens to others when you are responsible)

If you only use your toy on private property, for example if you have a jet ski that you only use on a lake that you own, you may decide that a smaller policy would work well for you. However, you may still want to try to get full coverage in case of theft, or if someone was hurt due to your actions while using the toy.

It’s easy to get the toy insurance coverage you need, and it is probably much less expensive than you were expecting. At Integra Insurance Services, we work with many different major insurance providers so we can offer you multiple quotes at one time. We will help you find the right policy – and the right price – quickly and easily!