Motorbike insurance coverage options

When you are looking for motorbike insurance that is appropriate for your goals, concerns and the state laws in Lufkin, TX, you need to focus on your options. You can have several choices, but the coverage that is available primarily depends on the type of policy that you have purchased.

Minimum Standards

When you are looking at motorbike insurance, you can purchase a plan that meets the minimum standards. The state requirements focus primarily on liability concerns. You will also have protection for bodily injuries when you meet the state minimum standards.

The minimum standards are a requirement of the state, but you are not required to purchase additional protection.

Additional Coverage Options

Beyond the minimum requirements, you can purchase additional coverage to protect your motorbike from common threats.

You can purchase a plan that will pay for damages to your personal vehicle and your medical expenses if you want more than the minimum standards. The minimum requirements do not provide coverage to pay for damages to your personal vehicle if you cause an accident, but you can purchase the additional coverage.

Another plan you may consider is one to pay off your loan. If you get into an accident, then the amount that your insurer will pay for the vehicle is limited to the current market value. Generally, that amount is less than you paid for the motorbike and you will still be responsible for the loan. Gap insurance helps pay for the remaining amount.

The options that are available for your motorbike depend on your concerns and goals. Depending on the situation, you may need to purchase more than the minimum standards that are set by the state to feel comfortable when you ride your motorcycle. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information.