Get Online Boat Insurance Quotes in Lufkin, TX

Choosing the right boat insurance policy can be a little more complicated than buying car insurance. You're facing different risks, different insurance requirements, and a whole slew of different situations that impact the type of coverage you'll need to protect your investment. These tips will help simplify the boat insurance process so you've got a good idea of where to start.

Your home insurance won't cut it.

If you're a first-time boat owner, it's tempting to assume your homeowners' insurance will cover your boat. The truth is, it probably won't. Like a car or RV, your boat is mobile, and it requires more coverage for a wider variety of risks than your home insurance policy can provide.

What makes boat insurance unique?

Every policy is different. But boat insurance in general is something of a combination of home and auto insurance; it may include liability and collision coverage as well as coverage against vandalism, theft, and natural disasters like storms or floods.

Like purchasing insurance on a classic car or RV, you'll have the option to buy coverage at an "agreed-upon" value or an estimated market value. The former allows you and your insurance agent to agree on how much they'll pay if your boat is totaled. The latter, based on estimated market value, guarantees you the equivalent of the Kelly Blue Book value of your boat (which may or may not reflect any modifications or improvements you've made).

Where to start?

Talking to one of our independent agents in Lufkin, TX area or using the quick quote form on our site. Integra Insurance Services can get you boat insurance quotes from many different insurers all in one stop, which makes the shopping process easier for you and gives you an ally who'll work with you to find the best deal.