What losses covered by boat insurance in Nacogdoches, TX?

Protecting your boat in Nacogdoches, TX can require a policy that covers more than just liability concerns. The policy that you selected and purchased can determine the losses that are covered because every plan is different and your boat insurance may or may not have a variety of covered losses.

Basic Policies

A basic boat insurance policy will usually offer coverage that focuses on liability concerns. It can pay for damages that you caused to another individual’s boat or property when you are out on the water. In many cases, it will also pay for medical bills that are associated with an accident that you caused.

Generally, you will have limited coverage to protect your personal boat unless you add to the basic policy. Some plans may offer protection for your boat while it is in transit or when it is damaged, but the amount of coverage can be limited in a basic plan.

Additional Coverage and Comprehensive Policies

If you purchase a comprehensive insurance policy or you add to the basic plan to cover against specific situations, then the losses that are covered are more extensive.

While policies may vary, you can expect some protection from common accidents or forms of damage that can occur. For example, damage to the hull may be covered if you get too close to a rock or you may be covered if your boat is damaged in a storm. The specific perils and situations that are covered may vary, so it is usually a good idea to read your policy before you assume that you are covered.

There are a variety of different plans available, so the losses that are covered in your insurance policy may vary. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more.