Renters insurance for college students in TX

Going away to college is usually the first chance you get to learn what it is like to live away from home. Unless you still live at home with your parents and commute to your college campus, you will need to find somewhere to live while you attend classes. As a college student in Texas, who needs housing while pursuing your degree, you have several options. If on-campus housing is available, you could choose to stay in a dormitory. If it is not available, or you just prefer to live off-campus, you can rent an apartment, or maybe, share a house with some roommates.

No matter what type of accommodations you choose, you will probably arrive with a car full of your personal possessions. If you care about protecting your laptop, TV, clothes, or other items that you bring, you might want to make sure that they are insured. If you live on campus and are still considered a dependent under your parent’s home or renter’s insurance policy, than you are usually covered, to some extent, by that policy. If you live off-campus, you will have to buy renters insurance to protect against loss or damage to your personal property.

Your landlord’s insurance will not cover any of your personal property inside the apartment, house or room that you rent. If you return from classes one day and discover that your brand new computer is missing, you can tell your landlord and he might sympathize with your situation. However, he will also tell you that he is not responsible for your property and his insurance will not cover your loss.

Renters insurance will cover such a loss and it can also coverage liability claims against you. Buying such a policy is very inexpensive and can be well-worth the small investment should you ever suffer a covered loss.