Is my boat covered during the off-season period?

You are not required to hold boat insurance in Texas regardless of whether you are actively using the boat, but there are plenty of reasons to hold insurance on your recreational boat, especially during the off season. The only time that your boat is covered by your existing automobile insurance is when you’re towing it to or from a waterfront. Otherwise, it does not have any sort of coverage unless you take out an insurance policy on it.

Boat coverage starts off with basic liability, which allows you to cover yourself financially if you end up damaging someone else’s property while having your boat out on the water. You do not have to hold insurance on your boat year round, but there are many dangers surrounding your boat in the off-season that aren’t necessarily covered by any other policies that you hold. For example, your homeowners policy may not cover damage or theft of your boat, even if it’s on your property.

Off season coverage for your vessel helps you protect it again someone stealing it, fire damage, and weather damage. If you have it stored off-site at a marina and damage occurs, your policy helps you recuperate the costs.

When you invest money and time into your boat, you need to protect your investment with sufficient coverage. Talk to your insurance company and see whether protecting it during the off-season has discounts compared to the premiums that you pay when you are actively on the water. In addition, you won’t need to hold liability coverage on the policy when you aren’t actively using it, since it is less likely to get into an accident with property or bodily damage.