When should a teen get insurance coverage?

Protecting other drivers and your teenager can seem challenging in Lufkin, TX. Depending on how much your teen driver intends to be behind the wheel, the amount of coverage that you may want to purchase can vary. Even though the situation can impact the timing of buying an insurance plan, there are general times that make it easier to identify when to add your teen to an auto policy.

Before Getting a Permit

A permit means that your teen can drive a car as long as you, your spouse or an adult is sitting in the passenger seat to provide instruction. It also means that the risk of an accident is much higher, so you will want to add the teen to your policy before the permit is granted.

Avoid waiting until after the permit is given because your teen driver may want to get behind the wheel and drive home as soon as the permit is given.

After a License

The impact on your auto insurance will be most evident after a license is granted because it is the time when your teen will be driving without parental supervision. That means it is more likely that your teen will get into an accident by making judgment errors or taking unnecessary risks.

It is always necessary to add a teen to your policy when he or she has a license. Never wait to insure your teen until after he or she is in an accident. Even if he or she is added as an occasional driver, it will ensure that the appropriate protection is available.

It is important to keep your teen and other drivers safe with the right auto policy. Contact us to learn more about adding your teen to your auto policy.