Protect Your Home with Comprehensive Flood Insurance Coverage

After the recent flooding in cities like Huntington, Lufkin, and Nacagdoches, Texas residents are beginning to realize just how important this type of coverage can be. As your independent insurance agents, the team at Integra Insurance Services wants to help make sure all homeowners have the coverage they need to protect their loved ones and their assets when disaster strikes. 

Put Your Trust in Comprehensive Flood Insurance Coverage

Many homeowners in the U.S. think that their home insurance policy will protect them in the event of natural disasters like the flooding residents in east Texas have experienced this year. But in reality, most home insurance policies do not include flood insurance coverage. This is usually a separate policy that can be useful whether you live in a flood zone or not. 

Flooding accidents aren’t always the result of inclement weather but can also occur if a pipe bursts in your home or down the street. If you are unsure what your current insurance policy covers, it may be time to shop for more extensive coverage. Because insurance laws are different in each state, it is important that you speak with one of our experienced, Texas-based insurance agents before you invest in a new policy.

Compare Quotes Online Today

Shopping for flood insurance online doesn’t have to be a difficult and confusing process. We make it easy to explore your additional coverage options online while comparing quotes from multiple national providers.

Nothing is worse than having to pay out of pocket to cover the damages to your home and property after a flood. Don’t get caught without the right level of insurance coverage in the event of flooding in your area. Instead, invest in affordable and dependable coverage from the independent insurance agents at Integra Insurance Services online today.

Texas Homeowners Insurance: A Policy of Its Own

Jacksonville, TX is a beautiful area surrounded by Lake Jacksonville, where residents and visitors enjoy fishing, skiing, outdoor activities and camping trips. There are also a number of attractions that draw visitors, such as bowling, skating and going to the rodeo or Tomato Fest. Although there are many things to do and see, inclement weather can be of concern.

Filled with a rich history, this piece of Texas is known for having some of the largest bass mouth fishing experiences in East Texas. Family-friendly shops and restaurants are a normal staple in this town, and the homes are attractive and meet every price point.

If you’re a resident of Jacksonville, TX or are considering buying a home in the area, having a homeowners insurance policy that will protect you and your family is important when living so close to the water. When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared. Living close to the water can also cause your policy to increase, based on proximity and state regulations. Working with a knowledgeable agent will give you all the information you need to make those important decisions.

If you have additional structures or valuables in your home, you may need a homeowners insurance policy that is greater than the standard. Knowing the worth of your items is key. A good agent will assess your belongings and structures to ensure you have the best policy that meets your budget.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you do not have the coverage you need. As the seasons progress throughout the year, unexpected emergencies can crop up at any time. Be proactive in protecting your home and your family. For information on insurance policies in the 75766 area, contact our agency today!