Huntington, TX – 3 Life Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Have you considered life insurance? The sad truth is that having this type of policy generally falls off most people’s radar due to believing one of the many myths surrounding this coverage. Here are three different fallacies to know and ignore.

Myth #1: Stay-at-Home Spouses Don’t Need Coverage

Many people wrongly believe that stay-at-home spouses do not need life insurance coverage. The truth is that having a policy for a non-working parent is almost as much or more important than carrying coverage on the main earner. Why? Think about everything your spouse does for your household—taking care of children, cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc. If he or she were to pass away suddenly, would you be able to complete those tasks on your own while still working at your current job? Or would you have to hire someone to help? In addition, how would you supplement your income during the time it takes to transition your family past grief? In these circumstances, having a death benefit available could allow you to pay bills or hire additional help during that time.

Myth #2: Life Insurance is Too Expensive

Another misconception is that life insurance is too expensive. The truth of the matter is that most policies only cost a few dollars a month. If you equate this to several days of eating lunch out, a daily cup of gourmet coffee, or a special trip to the beauty salon bi-monthly, the price of coverage is still really affordable.

Myth #3: You Need a Ton of Coverage

One more myth to ignore about life insurance is that you need a ton of coverage. For most people, a death benefit payment after the passing of a loved one is only necessary for a short period of time. Others want to make sure their spouse and children have an adequate amount to cover burial expenses, pay off a mortgage, or eliminate debt. Policies come in a wide range of amounts, so it is important to speak with your agent to find a level that suits your needs.

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5 Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

It’s October which means that Halloween is almost here! But before the littlest goblins and ghouls in your neighborhood to make their rounds in search of sugary treasure, it is important to make sure you have a safe place for them to trick-or-treat. Here are five tips for a safe and happy Halloween.

Tip #1: Cleanup Your Porch and Yard

One of the most important steps to preparing your home for Halloween is by cleaning up your porch and yard. Remove any garden hoses or items that could cause trick-or-treaters to fall or become injured while walking up to your door. Also, trim back any thorny bushes or excess foliage from your walkway that could catch a costume or leave scratches.

Tip #2: Keep the Area Lighted

Another tip is to keep the front of your home lighted. Many children are so excited about the possibility of candy that they don’t see a crack in the sidewalk in front of them or other hazard while marching up to your door in the dark. By keeping your porch light on, you reduce the chance of a fall happening and help neighborhood parents know that you are handing out treats this year.

Tip #3: Put Away Anything Breakable

Some kids are just naturally a little bit clumsy, while others simply aren’t used to walking around in their costumes. Go ahead and put away anything breakable that you normally keep on your front porch. This includes delicate yard accessories, clay pots, and other items.

Tip #4: Confine Pets

Confining pets is also important on Halloween night. Dogs who aren’t used to new people showing up at your door might get overly excited and jump on or bite small children. By making sure they are tucked safely in the backyard or inside your home, you can help eliminate this risk.

Tip #5: Have Enough Home Insurance Coverage

Having enough home insurance coverage is also important on Halloween. If an unfortunate incident happens where a trick-or-treater is injured while visiting or there is vandalism damage to your home, you are completely covered. For more information about homeowner’s insurance, please contact us at Integra Insurance Services.