The Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agent

When shopping around for the right insurance policy, you are going to come across all sorts of different services and agents. Some of these agents are going to market themselves as an independent insurance agent. So what exactly does this mean and what is the difference between an independent insurance agent and one who works for a larger company? Well, there actually is a number of differences available. You need to keep all of these differences in mind when working with Integra Insurance Services over other companies serving Huntington, TX.

Save Money

Probably the top reason to go with an independent insurance agent is the amount of money you save. When working with a larger firm, you pay for this. You pay to use a national chain as many of these different local agencies must pay into a larger, national pot. You do not contribute to this. As each agency is independent, they do not charge extra for these services, saving you money. 

More Choices

While working with Integra Insurance Services, you’ll have access to more services. The insurance agency is not locked into specific coverage or service agreements as a larger firm with a connection to a national chain. The independent agent can offer services across the board, so if you need very specific coverage, you are more likely to find it with your independent agent over a national firm. 

Make Your Claim

Have you ever attempted to make a claim with a national chain agency? It can prove rather difficult. You don’t know who you’re going to talk to and it might take a long time to finalize your claim. With an independent agent you know who you talk to right away and you know who you’ll work with. They know you and can help you make your claim not only faster, but on a more personal level. 

Insurance Questions To Consider Before Purchasing A Car As A Gift

Buying someone a car as a gift during the holiday season can either be a blessing or a burden. There are a lot of costs associated with car ownership and one of the biggest ones is insurance. Before you purchase a car as a gift for someone this holiday, you need to be sure they can afford the insurance that goes along with it. 

  1. Who will be paying for the insurance? If you are paying for the insurance, then all you need to do is add the new vehicle to the policy you currently have. However, if you do not plan on paying for the insurance, then you will need to ask some more questions about the financial stability of the recipient of the vehicle and how much they can afford. 
  2. Can they afford the insurance associated with this vehicle? Talking to an agent can help you determine the approximate cost of insurance for a vehicle. While they cannot quote without the driver information, this will give you an idea of how much the monthly payment will be. Knowing this amount can help you determine if your recipient can afford the monthly payments. 
  3. If they can afford it, can they fit it into their budget? In some cases, even if a person can afford the cost of new insurance, they may not be able to budget for it. Think about the plans that person has for their money. If they are planning another big purchase in the coming year, they may not have any wiggle room in their budget for an added insurance premium. 

Talk to an agent at Integra Insurance Services serving Huntington, Texas to look at available options and be sure to ask some key questions before diving in.