The Key To Protecting Your Business is Commercial Insurance

As a small business owner, you know that everything you do has a monetary value: from the time you spend talking to customers and clients, from turning your office lights on and off. One of the important things to fully understand when owning a business is risk management. This is where a solid commercial insurance package can help you out.

Risk happens every time you open your front doors in your business. A customer could slip and fall on your premises. A fire could break out in your break room. Accidents can and do happened. The time you spend having to deal with these kinds of issues is the time you are not making money for your company.

Commercial insurance has several different levels of coverage depending on what you need for your particular type of business. Coverage that a storefront business would need is much different than what an office-based business needs. If you run a home-based business, but use a company vehicle, you will need different coverage than if you ran a restaurant.

No matter what kind of insurance needs you have, insurance coverage is designed to protect you and your assets in times of trouble. 

Contact your local Integra Insurance Services agent today if you are a small business owner. They can help you understand the different types of policies and options available for your business. They can give you quotes and help you figure out what kind of policy will fit your budget. 

Integra Insurance Services is just an email or phone call away. You can contact them toll-free at 1-800-655-2159 and get the most up to date information on commercial insurance at competitive rates.

Texans: Why Insurance Makes the Boat Ride That Much More Enjoyable

Boating is a universal activity for people nationwide. During the summer, friends and family can enjoy a lot of activities – fishing, tubing, swimming, and even just relaxing in the sun. As many people can easily attest to, however, it’s unfortunately all too easy for a fun boat ride to transform into a ruined day in a matter of moments. Motor breaks down, get into a collision with another boat or another foreign object, etc. could see you paying a pretty penny just to get some normalcy going with your boating. Integra Insurance Services understands that desire all too well.

Depending on the state a boater resides in, they may have to fulfill a mandatory boater education course and be approved before they can take to the water with their boat – and this is the case with Texas boaters. These educational courses will work to ensure that all potential boaters are made aware of important safety rules and regulations as well as ensure that you are able to actually operate the boat competently. For prospective boaters, the idea of doing all of these courses and passing can be an intimidating process, which may keep boaters off of the water – or worse, have them try to skirt their responsibilities entirely and not even get the proper boating insurance. At Integra Insurance Services. we don’t want to see either happen, so we aspire to make sure to help the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department by getting all of you prepped for when you do go out to take this course.

Boaters in and around the Huntington area who are interested in boating and need to get some brushing up on your knowledge or do not have your first clue about it, make sure to contact Integra Insurance Services online or by phone at  (800) 655-2159 right away so we can help you enjoy the ride.