How to Screen Potential House Sitters in Texas

House sitting requires a certain amount of trust, and it can be difficult to find that trust in Texas. We have every type of person living here, and some among us are not quite as reputable as others. Forgetting the financial implications for a moment, there’s a lot of emotional attachment that can fit into the smallest corners and rooms of your home. What insurance company is going to reimburse you for the time you spent making a watercolor portrait of your daughter? You can’t prevent every accident of course, they occur to even the most responsible of us all. What you can do is follow these tips to reduce your risk of trouble. 

Find the Right Incentive

All of us respond to incentives, so don’t be afraid to be generous when you need someone to house sit for you. Hold a phone interviews before meeting in person and thoroughly check every references. Even if you’re having your best friend sit for you, at least offer some sort of treat (drinks, a movie, etc.) as a thank you. It encourages goodwill for both of you, and can make for an easier experience. 

Look for Smarter Ways 

Will you be gone for a while? Your insurance will likely become null and void after 30 days of emptiness. Are you on vacation or it an emergency situation? Will there be pets, pools or highly prized plants involved with your absence? and reputable house sitting sites may not have the same name as Airbnb, but their mission is to cut out the legwork on your part. They also encourage housing swaps across cities for vacationers so people save money on hotels and pet sitters: a win-win situation. And Integra Insurance Services is always there to help if you do need home insurance or additional coverage for your house sitting needs!