Recreational Boating: 5 Tips for Staying Safe on the Water

Now that is is Summer, you may be looking forward to boating season. Safe boating is key to enjoying your time out on the water. Updating your boating insurance with Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX will ensure you are protected against any eventuality. The following tips will help you stay safe on the water.

Navigate Safely       

If you’re new to boating, you may want to take a boating safety course to learn safety procedures for recreational boating before taking your vessel out on the water. The more knowledgeable you are about boating, the better. Safe boating habits such as navigating at safe speeds and staying alert at all times can reduce the risk of accidents.  

Wear a Life Jacket

As the captain of your ship, you’re responsible for the safety of your passengers. Make sure everyone wears a life jacket when going out on the water. Children should have jackets that fit properly for their age and size.

Maintain a Safe Vessel

Check your boat periodically to ensure it’s in good condition and safe for traveling. An unsafe vessel will not only endanger your safety but could pose a threat to other boaters. Don’t forget to check your life raft(s) as well, especially before taking any long distance trips.

Stay Abreast of Weather Conditions

Check the weather forecast to make sure weather conditions are appropriate for boating. Take note of storm advisories and return to port if adverse weather threatens your safety.  

File a Float Plan

If you’re planning an all-day boat trip, tell someone of your plans to include where you’re headed and when you’ll return. If something happens, that individual can tell authorities where to conduct a search.

To learn more about boating insurance options to protect your family and vessel, see an Integra Insurance Services agent in Huntington, TX.     

The Basics of Business Owner Policies

Business owners need to make sure their investment is covered from all angles. A Business Owner Policy (BOP) combines the most popular commercial insurance coverage options into one convenient package. Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX can help customize a policy for your business. 

Commercial Property

These policies protect your real estate, buildings, and equipment. There are 3 types of commercial property policies offered in the state of Texas.

  • Basic. Covers common perils, like damage from violent weather or fire.
  • Broad. Covers damage from water, structural collapse, sprinkler malfunction, and weather related damage, in addition to common perils.
  • Special Form. Covers damage from most sources. Anything not covered is spelled out in the policy.

Business Interruption

These policies pay when you need to close due to unforeseen circumstances. Different policies may cover:

  • Business income (pre-tax net profit)
  • Extra expenses involved in resuming operations after a catastrophe
  • Lost income due to temporary government restrictions, such as during a police incident

Commercial Vehicle

Protects your fleet and service vehicles.


General liability policies cover costs associated with injury or damage your business is legally found liable for. Per state law, all businesses in the Huntington TX area must have general liability coverage.

What Might Not Be Covered

Floods, earthquakes, acts of war or terrorism, nuclear disaster, insect or vermin infestations, and deterioration are not included in commercial property coverage. The insurance experts at Integra Insurance Services can help you customize a package that addresses any potential hazards based on your location and industry.

Crime coverage pays damages in the event of theft, robbery, forgery, and related acts that result in loss of profit. An additional policy, or endorsement, is usually needed.

Are you sure your business has all the coverage it needs? The experts at Integra Insurance Services can help you customize the perfect package for your business in the Huntington, TX area. Contact us today for a policy review.