3 Features About Your Teen’s First Car That Can Mean Higher Insurance Rates

It is only logical that adding a new teen driver to your auto insurance in Huntington, TX will mean a slight rate increase because new drivers are more of a risk. However, did you know that the type of car your teen drives can also affect your premium price? Take a look at a few features of your teen’s first car that can mean a slightly higher car insurance premium. 

The Car Has a Powerful Engine 

That sports car may not be higher to insure simply because of its name; cars with more powerful engines tend to be a bit higher to insure, however. This is because a car with a more powerful engine may also have a driver who insists on traveling at a higher rate of speed, which can be a risk if you have a teen driver on your policy. So instead of opting for a V8, try picking a smaller car with a less powerful engine for your teen driver. 

The Car Is On the DMV’s Top Stolen Vehicle List 

Did you know there are cars and trucks that are more likely to be stolen than others? In fact, the DMV has a list of top stolen vehicles. If the car you buy for your teen is on this list, you could see a higher premium cost because of it. 

The Car is an Unusual Color 

Even though all insurance companies do not follow the same rules, most of the time, a car that is painted an unusual aftermarket color will be a little higher to insure. This is because if the car is involved in an accident, the paint would be more expensive to replace. To find out what car paint colors could be higher to insure, contact an Integra Insurance Services agent. 


Insurance for Recreational Vehicles

You work hard. You deserve to play hard. Your motorized recreational vehicles take your outdoor leisure time to another level. A comprehensive insurance policy will protect your investment. But what insurance coverage do you need for your recreational vehicles in the Huntington, TX area?

Off-Highway Vehicles and Texas Law

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles defines off-highway vehicles as motorized vehicles that do not exceed 45 mph. These can be separated into more specific categories.

  • Low-speed (LSVs) and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)

These small passenger vehicles are equipped with mirrors, seat belts, and head and tail lights, similar to cars and trucks. These smaller machines, however, are only capable of reaching speeds between 20-35 mph. They can be driven on public roads, but are not safe for highway use. These vehicles must be registered with the Texas DMV, and covered by an active insurance policy.

  • Golf Carts

A golf cart has no less than 3 wheels and reaches speeds between 15-25 mph. Designed for use only on golf courses, these vehicles are generally not allowed on public roads. However, there are limited exceptions to that rule. Golf carts may be driven on the private roads of master planned communities, beaches, on roads within 2 miles of where the cart is normally parked, and on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. State law does not require golf cart owners to insure or register their vehicles.

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

An ATV is equipped with seats for the driver and passenger, has three or more wheels, measures less than 50 inches in width, and is not designed for highway, farm, or landscaping use. Only law enforcement, utility workers, and certain farmers may drive them on public roads. Insurance is not required to operate these vehicles, but you may need motorcycle training to ride them on public lands.

Protect Your Toys

Many recreational vehicles are not required to be insured under Texas law. However, a comprehensive insurance policy protects your toys from theft, damage, and helps pay medical bills when accidents occur.

Integra Insurance Services can customize a policy to protect all of your property, including your motorized big kid toys. If you store your recreational vehicles in the Huntington, TX area, give Integra Insurance Services a call.