Do Nail Salons Need Commercial Insurance?

A lot of people wonder whether or not they need commercial insurance. The truth is, though, if you are operating any type of business, then commercial insurance is going to be of value. Even if you are operating the business out of your home, then this type of insurance can prove to be of benefit.

What about nail salons?

Nail salons have become highly profitable businesses over the past couple decades. Women and men alike flock to nail salons to make sure their hands and feet are always looking their best. There are even a lot of nail salon owners that provide their services out of the comfort of their own homes. And while operating a nail salon from inside the home is highly encouraged, it is also important not to overlook investing in commercial insurance.

What does commercial insurance cover?

Commercial insurance will cover claims that relate to the business being operated out of the home. A normal homeowners policy will typically not pay out if it is found out that a claim was submitted and relates to business activities. Homeowners policies are meant to cover claims that relate to daily living activities, not work-related tasks. With commercial insurance, though, it is possible to rest easy at night knowing your in-home nail salon business is properly covered with the right type of insurance policy.

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance for nail salons, please contact us today. We can customize a policy to fit your exact needs. Feel free to ask us any questions about your commercial policy and we can even help you with a homeowners policy as well.

Home Insurance and Your HOA: Who Covers What?

Have you just purchased a new home in Huntington, TX and are wondering what kind of adjustments you need to make to your home insurance with Integra Insurance Services? If you are paying a homeowners association fee every month, you will need to know where the HOA ends and your property begins.

 Read Your Deed

Review your deed with your agent.  If the plot plan only includes the interior of your property, then your liability ends with your front door as long as you take care of your condo. But in neighborhoods with single-family structures and shared outdoor space, the lines of property and responsibility can get blurred. If you are unsure who owns what, make sure to speak with your HOA to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Sidewalks, Lawns, Porches and Streets

Your property may only include your house and driveway. Even porches and decks that are part of townhouses may belong to the HOA. If the sidewalks are on your plot plan, you will have to maintain them. Who mows the lawn, prunes the trees, and waters the flowers by the gate?  If you see your neighbors taking care of shared areas, ask them if the HOA has approved their assistance. If not, there can be legal repercussions if a repair goes wrong.

If You Maintain It, the Liability is Yours

Any part of your home where the HOA does not provide routine maintenance, you will want to include on your home insurance policy.  You may wish to put up a fence or hedge to define the areas for which you are responsible. If your guest is injured on a shared area, such as the pool or playground, they will be filing a claim against the HOA liability insurance.

Give your agent at Integra Insurance Services for more information on home or commercial insurance options for the Huntington, TX area.