How Much Auto Insurance Do You Actually Need?

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a brand new BMW or a late model Ford – you need to have the appropriate auto insurance to cover you in the event of an accident. If you are in the Huntington, TX area, and need help with your auto insurance questions, contact us at Integra Insurance Services where a friendly and knowledgeable team member will be happy to assist you. 

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Generally speaking, the amount of coverage needed really depends on each individual’s unique situation. For instance, if you have teenage kids that have just started driving you’ll want to make sure you are protected from everything like a minor fender to a major accident. Keep in mind, that the higher the deductible you choose for collision and comprehensive the less expensive your policy but the more money that you’ll have to shell out upfront before the insurance company takes over. For instance, if I’m in an at-fault accident and the cost to repair my vehicle is $5000 and I have a $1000 deductible I have to pay out the first $1000 before assistance from the insurance company. The great thing about insurance is that there are a number of discounts you may qualify for. That’s why if you are in the Huntington, TX area it’s really important to call us at Integra Insurance Services so that we can determine if you qualify for a less expensive policy.

What About Liability Coverage?

You want to have enough liability coverage to protect your total assets. In short, liability insurance covers third party costs that you may sustain if you at fault in an accident. Without liability coverage, you are on the hook for costs to both the other person’s vehicle, lost wages due to injury, and even their medical bills. These costs add up quickly, so make sure you have adequate coverage.