Why Home Insurance is a Good Idea in Texas

Buying a home in the great state of Texas is an achievement like no other. Settling down in the Lone Star State is something many people only dream about – and you’ve done it! 

Now that you own a home, you’ve got to insure it properly with the right coverage for your family and your needs. 

Why Insurance for My Home?

Rules and regulations aside, home insurance provides the peace of mind that even a cushioned bank account can’t. Home insurance takes care of you in the event that something bad happens, be that a natural disaster, fire, theft, vandalism, or anything in between. Money runs out, but your insurance policy won’t if you have the right coverage. 

Residents of Huntington, TX should do their due diligence and look into their current policies and see what is missing or needs to be updated. Integra Insurance Services is happy to evaluate your plan and help you shop for a better policy with more thorough coverage. We are living in difficult times, and you don’t want to put yourself in the line of potential financial hardship by failing to properly insure your home. 

From protecting your personal belongings to your valuables within the home, to the structures on your property like a shed or pool, to liability coverage that saves you if someone gets injured on your property. These are just a few of the coverage options that a quality home insurance policy offers, and you should prioritize investing in one if you haven’t already. 

If you live in Huntington, TX and are in the market for a better home insurance plan, Integra Insurance Services is here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll take care of you. 

Tips for Driving in the Rain

When driving in the rain, you must take extra caution. The road conditions can be unpredictable, not to mention the fact your visibility is often compromised. The team at Integra Insurance Services decided to put together a few simple tips for driving in the rain for Huntington, TX residents.

Tip #1: Use Your Headlights

While a very simple task, many drivers forget to turn on their headlights if it is not dark outside. However, you can increase your safety as well as the safety of others by turning on your headlights when it’s raining. In doing so, you are simply ensuring that other motorists are able to see you better in low visibility conditions.

Tip #2: Reduce Your Speed

The speed limit you see posted on the road is for typical road conditions. Therefore, when you encounter any kind of adverse weather conditions, such as rain, it is a good idea to reduce your speed. This can help you maintain control of your vehicle.

Tip #3: Increase Your Following Distance

In addition to slowing down during the rain, you also want to ensure that you fall back from the vehicle in front of you a bit. Ideally, you want to leave around three or so seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. However, when it is raining, you should increase this to about six seconds or so. You may even want to add a couple of seconds if you are driving at night and it’s raining.

Tip #4: Know How to Correct Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when one of the tires comes into contact with too much water and loses traction, resulting in the vehicle skidding out of control. This can be incredibly scary. In the event this happens to you while driving in the rain, remain as calm as possible. Turn the steering wheel—gently—in the same direction your vehicle is hydroplaning because this will help to get the tires to realign with the automobile. Give the brake pedal a light pump, or press the brakes as normal if you have antilock brakes in an attempt to slow the vehicle down and regain control.

Whether you are interested in more safe driving tips, or you would like to ensure you are properly insured with your auto insurance policy (or maybe need to get one!), reach out to our team at Integra Insurance Services, serving Huntington, TX.