Don’t Leave Your Most Valuable Asset Unprotected – Get Homeowners’ Insurance

Integra Insurance Services of the Huntington, TX area can provide the homeowners’ insurance you need to protect your home.

Homeowners insurance is vital because it protects your home and personal belongings. In the event of a total loss, this policy would be the primary source of the funds needed to rebuild. It also provides liability coverage in the event of a lawsuit against the homeowner if someone is hurt on their property.

For most people, our home is the largest single investment we will ever make. Homeowners insurance protects the equity in the property. Equity is the property’s value over and above the mortgage amount still owing. As renovations to the home are made, the equity goes up.

Even if your home is free and clear of any mortgage, you still want to have this insurance. If you are sued for any reason, the equity in your home could be lost to another. Keeping this policy in good standing is a way to cover the costs of repairing or replacing your home and its contents.

Homeowners insurance is not a requirement in many states. But most mortgage companies and banks insist you carry insurance. Why? This insurance policy will protect the lender’s interest in the property if the house is destroyed or damaged. Lenders want the property owner to have enough insurance to cover the amount of the mortgage.

But there are a few things homeowners insurance usually will not cover. Valuable artwork, jewelry, collectibles, damage caused by flooding or an earthquake, or identity theft are not covered.

If you live in the Huntington, TX area, contact the professionals at Integra Insurance Services for a no-obligation quote or answers to any questions you may have. You will be glad you did.