Four Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Auto Insurance

Like most Huntington, TX drivers, you chose what you thought was the best option when you first signed up for your policy. But things change about a person’s life, and that person’s auto insurance policies should change. Here are some signs it’s time to talk to an Integra Insurance Services agent about an upgrade.

1. You’ve moved recently

Laws, requirements, and regulations vary from one state to another. So if you haven’t revisited your policy since moving to Texas, it’s time to do so. You should do the same if you’ve recently moved from a small town to a big city or vice versa.

2. Your credit score has improved

Many states allow insurance policies to consider a potential policyholder’s credit score when quoting rates, and Texas is one of them. So if you’ve been working hard to improve your credit rating lately, you’ll likely qualify for a better rate on a more comprehensive plan.

3. There are more drivers in your household

Are you recently married, or have any of the children in your household reached driving age? Naturally, you’ll want to think about adding them to your auto insurance policy, and that’s a great time to consider whether your current policy is still the best fit for you.

4. You’ve had your policy for years

Insurance policies are up for renewal every year, but many people never stop to consider whether it might not be better to switch policies instead of blindly renewing. If you’ve had the same policy for many years, you owe it to yourself to make sure it’s still your best option.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing policy, have just moved to Huntington, TX, and need to switch your policy, or want to know your options, Integra Insurance Services is here to help. Get in touch today to learn more!