What Perils Can Your Boat Face on Land?

Boats can be exposed to risks while on land, which can happen when loaded onto a trailer, for example. Boats can be involved in car accidents while traveling, and this can cause property damage and personal injury to another party. 

Your vessel is parked in a driveway and subject to the same elements as a vehicle. This means it can be subjected to falling tree branches during ice storms or affected by severe temperatures. Hail can leave indentations on the body, and heavy winds can damage or lob debris onto your boat. It’s also possible for vehicles to collide with a parked boat on the street. 

It’s essential to speak to your knowledgeable Integra Insurance Services provider to discuss the coverage you need for your situation. Boat insurance is not a requirement in the Huntington, TX region. Still, it is usually mandated by your lender that you obtain indemnification for the duration while you carry a balance. 

When you store your watercraft inside a building, it can be subjected to fires caused by electrical surges. It can also be hit by falling beams or infrastructure should the edifice be affected by a storm or other factor. In addition, during storage, a boat can be affected by rot or mold or even by an infestation of bugs. Water damage from leaky roofs can also hurt their structural integrity. 

We Can Help You with Boat Insurance

Integra Insurance Services is eager to assist you with your boat insurance needs, and we welcome you to reach out to us via phone, the internet, or by stopping in to speak with us. We proudly serve those who live in the Huntington, TX area. 

Does Toy Insurance Cover Collectible Items?

When you hear “toy insurance,” your mind might stir up images of stuffed bears, barbies, little metal cars, and action figures. Although some insurance policies may cover these sentimental items if they have enough value financially as antiques, most toy insurance providers refer to recreational toys in their policies.

In serving the Huntington, TX community at Integra Insurance Services, we have found that the Lonestar State’s long stretches of land and bodies of water make it the perfect place to have a wide range of grown-up recreational “toys” such as four-wheelers, boats, golf carts, and more. 

What is toy insurance?

Toy insurance, also known as “recreational toy insurance,” is a type of insurance policy that covers certain kinds of “toys” for adults rather than kids. Examples of toys covered by toy insurance include motorcycles, mopeds, golf carts, ski jets, and four-wheelers. These vehicles are designed to bring their users pleasure and enjoyment instead of function, so they are considered recreational toys.

Can a policy cover collectibles?

If you collect recreational toys such as four-wheelers, boats, antique vehicles, and mopeds, you should be able to cover your collection of toys under a toy insurance policy. For those whose collectibles consist of smaller childhood toys like dolls or art toys like collector’s vinyl figurines, a recreational toy insurance policy will probably not be the right fit. 

If you have high-value collectibles, you may be able to insure them under another policy, such as a homeowner’s policy, if they’re stored at home. We recommend speaking with an agent about your specific toys and needs to see if a toy insurance policy is right for you. Call Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX today for a free quote!