How Commercial Insurance Can Protect Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you have unique insurance needs. It would be best to have affordable commercial insurance to protect you and your business. At Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX, we offer policies for small business owners. 

Liability Protection

One way commercial insurance can protect your business is with liability protection. As a small business owner, you can be sued for many things, even if you do everything correctly. Typical incidents include a slip and fall on your property, a faulty product, and false advertising. 

Without liability protection, a judgment against you can severely impact your business. In some cases, your personal finances may also be at risk. 

Small business insurance protects you from liability claims. If you are found liable, the insurance policy will cover the cost. Some policies also cover your legal expenses. 

Property Protection 

It’s also essential to protect your business property. If you own a storefront, warehouse, or manufacturing center, these buildings are covered under commercial property insurance. This policy will also cover your business property and equipment. 

If you are leasing a space, you still need property insurance. These policies don’t cover the structure of the building. Instead, they cover your property and business equipment inside the structure.

If you have a home-based business, your homeowner’s policy offers little protection for your business equipment. You may need property protection as well. 

Protection From Business Interruptions 

Business interruption insurance is essential for small businesses. You probably operate on a thin margin. What happens if you can’t open your business for a week? A month? You may lose your business. 

Business interruption insurance will cover your losses until you can open your doors again. 

Business Insurance at Integra Insurance Services

If you own a small business in Huntington, TX, contact us at Integra Insurance Services. Our agents will take the time to help you decide which policies best suit your needs. 

Protecting Your Luxury Assets: What Should You Know About Specialty Property Insurance

Specialty property insurance is a particular insurance type that protects unique, luxurious, hard-to-replace, and high-value items. They include jewelry, fine art, antiques, and others. It also covers unique living arrangements like tree houses, yurts, tiny homes, and more. If you are currently looking for this type of insurance to have peace of mind and enhanced protection of your valuable items, there are certain things you should know.

What Should You Know About Specialty Property Insurance?

  • Enhanced coverage. Unlike standard insurance policies, specialty property insurance provides broader coverage and increased policy limits. For example, it might include accidental damage and worldwide coverage of valuable and unique items. 
  • Endorsements and customization. Since specialty property insurance is designed to protect unique items and living arrangements, it allows for endorsements and customization to address the individual insurance needs of policyholders. As a policyholder, you can talk to an insurance agent and tailor your policy. 
  • Documents and appraisals. In many cases, when buying a specialty property insurance policy, you must provide documentation and appraisals of the items you want to insure. This helps ensure you purchase the correct type of insurance and establish the actual value of the belongings. Moreover, documents and appraisals can also support an insurance claim in case of a loss. 

Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX – We Help You Find the Insurance Type You Need

Integra Insurance Services are here to assist you whether you are looking for specialty property insurance or any other type of insurance. We specialize in different types of insurance and help our clients in Huntington, TX, and other nearby towns find the necessary policies. If you have any questions about specialty property insurance or need assistance finding the perfect policy, please get in touch with us today.