Four things you might not know about boat insurance

If you own a boat, finding insurance coverage for it is crucial. Integra Insurance Services provides boat insurance to consumers in Huntington, TX.

There are a few things that boat owners need to be aware of regarding boat insurance coverage. The following are four things you might not know about boat insurance. 

Boat insurance is often required at marinas.

Do you plan to keep your boat at a marina? If so, you should realize that you’ll probably be required to carry insurance by your marina.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with boat insurance requirements when you make arrangements to keep your boat docked or stored at a marina. 

You only get limited coverage on your boat through your home insurance policy.

Many boat owners make the mistake of relying on their home insurance policy to cover their boats. Home insurance usually only covers a policyholder’s boat when it’s located on their property. This means you need to buy boat insurance for coverage when you take your boat into waterways off your property. 

A boat insurance policy typically includes some coverage for personal belongings in your boat.

You may have some valuable belongings that you typically keep in your boat. You’ll be happy to know that a typical boat insurance policy will cover these belongings up to a certain amount. 

Boat insurance policies are limited to certain navigation areas.

Boat owners cannot expect to enjoy coverage anywhere they go. When you buy boat insurance, your policy’s coverage will be limited to a certain area and won’t cover you if you get into a boating accident outside of this area. 

Integra Insurance Services is dedicated to offering boat insurance that makes boat owners in Huntington, TX more financially secure. Call us to learn more about the policies that we provide to those in the area.

Does toy insurance cover a toy hauler?

Your toy insurance protects motorized and waterborne toys like ATVs and jet skis. Of course, you need a method of conveyance to transport these items to use them, and that’s where your toy hauler comes into play. These haulers can sometimes cost as much as an RV because they include slide-down ramps to make loading and unloading easy.

Does your toy insurance cover the toy hauler?

Yes and no. Integra Insurance Services serves the Huntington, TX community with an array of insurance, so we let the purchaser decide what they want to include. Perhaps you keep your ATVs at your lake house, so you do not need a toy hauler. You have purchased one and plan to take your ATV on a camping trip to Colorado.

Check your policy documents to find out if your policy covers your toy hauler. If you do not find a provision for this coverage, we can help you add it. Toy hauler coverage costs little annually, and the monthly premiums cost about the same as coffee and a muffin at Starbucks. Cover your toy hauler so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars replacing this fancy trailer.

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