Can I cover a lake cabin under specialty property insurance?

If you own a lake cabin, you may wonder if your traditional home insurance policies in Huntington, TX cover it. For most home insurance policies, the answer is no. Most standard policies do not cover lake cabins, which means you need to find a specialty property insurance policy that meets your needs. In this post, Integra Insurance Services explains the type of coverage you need – and how to get it.

What Does Specialty Property Insurance Cover? 

Specialty property insurance is designed to protect against financial loss related to damage or destruction of a vacation home or other type of unique property. This type of insurance may offer replacement cost coverage, which pays the cost to repair or rebuild your home and replace damaged belongings without considering depreciated values.

Specialty property insurance may also provide liability coverage, which protects you from being held responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by someone on your property. In short, specialty property insurance can help ensure that your lake cabin—and all the memories inside—are safe in case of an unexpected event. 

If you own a lake cabin, chances are good that standard home insurance policies won’t meet all your needs. Whether you need liability coverage or replacement cost protection after an unexpected event, Integra Insurance Services specializes in helping Huntington, TX residents find the right policy for their needs and budget. Contact us today so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all those precious memories made at your lake cabin will be safe no matter what happens down the road.