Does My Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Texas has one of the highest concentrations of termites in the United States. The combination of heat and high humidity allows these destructive insects to thrive. If you are new to Huntington, TX, you may think that home insurance policies available through Integra Insurance Services cover damage that termites may cause to your home. However, most do not.

Why Home Policies Won’t Pay for Termite Damage

Although we offer home insurance policies from many different providers, most won’t cover damage from termites or any other insect because these companies consider damage from termites and other issues a form of neglect. As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintenance, not the insurance company. Insurance policies are designed to protect you from covered events detailed in your policy.

Are There Instances When a Home Policy Will Cover Termite Damage?

The short answer is yes. If termite damage results from a covered event, you could receive compensation for damage. However, you should not know that you’ll likely need to prove that the termite damage resulted from the covered event and not from an overall lack of maintenance.

How You Can Protect Your Home From Termite Damage

Frequently look for signs of termites in your home. These include mud tubes or tunnels in wood, damage to paint or walls, swollen floors or ceilings, and pest droppings. Keep stacks of wood and other materials where termites like to nest away from your home to discourage them from entering. Most homeowners have difficulty controlling termites independently, so hiring a pest control company that guarantees service is a sound way to protect your home.

Get Comprehensive Home Insurance

Integra Insurance Services serving Huntington, TX can provide you with comprehensive home insurance, including riders, for additional coverage. Contact us to learn more about your options.