Protecting Your Luxury Assets: What Should You Know About Specialty Property Insurance

Specialty property insurance is a particular insurance type that protects unique, luxurious, hard-to-replace, and high-value items. They include jewelry, fine art, antiques, and others. It also covers unique living arrangements like tree houses, yurts, tiny homes, and more. If you are currently looking for this type of insurance to have peace of mind and enhanced protection of your valuable items, there are certain things you should know.

What Should You Know About Specialty Property Insurance?

  • Enhanced coverage. Unlike standard insurance policies, specialty property insurance provides broader coverage and increased policy limits. For example, it might include accidental damage and worldwide coverage of valuable and unique items. 
  • Endorsements and customization. Since specialty property insurance is designed to protect unique items and living arrangements, it allows for endorsements and customization to address the individual insurance needs of policyholders. As a policyholder, you can talk to an insurance agent and tailor your policy. 
  • Documents and appraisals. In many cases, when buying a specialty property insurance policy, you must provide documentation and appraisals of the items you want to insure. This helps ensure you purchase the correct type of insurance and establish the actual value of the belongings. Moreover, documents and appraisals can also support an insurance claim in case of a loss. 

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