Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you own a business in Texas, there may be types of commercial insurance that you need to have. At least one type is mandated for certain businesses, so it’s best to know whether it pertains to your business. There are also many types of commercial insurance that you should have to protect your business, but the state doesn’t require that. Call Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX to get your commercial insurance policies.

Commercial Auto Insurance

When a Texas business owns a vehicle, it must have a commercial auto policy on it. This will mean that the policy can pay out if there is an accident. If you have only a personal policy on a vehicle owned by a business, you generally won’t pay anything in the event of an accident. You need to have certain types of liability coverage in your policy. These include property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Your policy must have specific amounts of this coverage, though you can add more than the minimum. The minimum amounts in Texas are pretty average among the states, but getting more coverage will mean you’re better protected if there’s a serious accident. If you own a Texas trucking company, other requirements will likely be for insuring your vehicles.

Other Types of Coverage

Unlike the other states, Texas doesn’t require its businesses to have worker’s comp insurance. However, for the protection of your company, it’s smart to have this for any number of employees you have. You may also need to get a cyber insurance policy or a general liability policy for your business. Better coverage brings more peace of mind and better resources if the worst happens.

Get Commercial Insurance Now

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