Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Include Glass Coverage?

For many drivers in Texas, car insurance is necessary for being on the road. But understanding exactly what your policy covers can be confusing. One common question is whether comprehensive auto insurance includes glass coverage. The answer is yes! Let’s look at what glass coverage means and how it can benefit drivers in Huntington, TX. 

What Is Glass Coverage? 

Glass coverage is included in a comprehensive auto insurance policy, the most complete type of car insurance available. Comprehensive policies cover you for any damages to your vehicle resulting from something other than a collision, such as vandalism, theft, hail damage, or falling objects—including broken windshields or windows. Glass coverage refers explicitly to the repair and replacement of your vehicle’s windows and windshield if an event covered by your policy damages them. For help understanding your policy and what it covers, contact Integra Insurance Services. We’re here to help drivers.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Coverage? 

With comprehensive auto insurance, you can be confident that your vehicle will be taken care of no matter what happens on the road. Having glass coverage gives you peace of mind that if you experience any damage to the glass parts of your car due to an unexpected event, you won’t have to pay for the cost of repairs out-of-pocket. And if you need to claim due to broken glass, most policies allow for direct billing with an approved repair shop, so there’s no hassle in getting your car back in shape after an accident or natural disaster.  

Glass coverage is just one example of why comprehensive auto insurance should be essential for any driver in Huntington, TX. To learn more about comprehensive auto insurance and how it can protect you on the road, contact Integra Insurance Services today!

Four Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Auto Insurance

Like most Huntington, TX drivers, you chose what you thought was the best option when you first signed up for your policy. But things change about a person’s life, and that person’s auto insurance policies should change. Here are some signs it’s time to talk to an Integra Insurance Services agent about an upgrade.

1. You’ve moved recently

Laws, requirements, and regulations vary from one state to another. So if you haven’t revisited your policy since moving to Texas, it’s time to do so. You should do the same if you’ve recently moved from a small town to a big city or vice versa.

2. Your credit score has improved

Many states allow insurance policies to consider a potential policyholder’s credit score when quoting rates, and Texas is one of them. So if you’ve been working hard to improve your credit rating lately, you’ll likely qualify for a better rate on a more comprehensive plan.

3. There are more drivers in your household

Are you recently married, or have any of the children in your household reached driving age? Naturally, you’ll want to think about adding them to your auto insurance policy, and that’s a great time to consider whether your current policy is still the best fit for you.

4. You’ve had your policy for years

Insurance policies are up for renewal every year, but many people never stop to consider whether it might not be better to switch policies instead of blindly renewing. If you’ve had the same policy for many years, you owe it to yourself to make sure it’s still your best option.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing policy, have just moved to Huntington, TX, and need to switch your policy, or want to know your options, Integra Insurance Services is here to help. Get in touch today to learn more!

Worst Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance is a vital decision that comes with owning a car. Your policy is what protects you financially in the event of an accident. Despite its importance, many people make mistakes when purchasing auto insurance, costing them more money in the long run. This blog post will discuss people’s worst mistakes when purchasing auto insurance.

1. Not Doing Your Research 

One of the most important things you can do when shopping for auto insurance is to research your options. Many different companies are out there offering a wide variety of coverage options and rates. By shopping around and comparing rates, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible deal on your auto insurance. 

2. Not Getting Enough Coverage 

Another mistake people often make is not getting enough coverage. Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you should skimp your auto insurance coverage. Remember, you could face severe financial difficulties if you get into an accident and don’t have enough coverage. 

3. Not Reading the Fine Print 

Before signing up for auto insurance, you must take the time to read through the policy documents. There may be some exclusions or limitations that you’re not aware of. You could be unpleasantly surprised later if you don’t read the fine print.

4. Failing to Disclosure Important Information 

When applying for auto insurance, you’ll be required to disclose various information about yourself. It would help if you answered all questions truthfully and accurately. If you fail to disclose important information, it could invalidate your policy or lead to higher rates. 

Get Auto Insurance in Huntington, TX

By avoiding these mistakes, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible deal on your coverage. If you’re looking for auto insurance, Integra Insurance Services can help. We offer a wide range of coverage options, and our experienced agents can help you find the perfect policy for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

Why Should You Get Roadside Assistance Coverage?

When you buy roadside assistance coverage, you resolve a lot of anxiety that may pop up surrounding the fear of getting stranded. There are many reasons why you should consider roadside assistance coverage, no matter where you live.

Integra Insurance Services serving Huntington, TX offers roadside assistance coverage and more. These are a few reasons why you should consider getting coverage for roadside assistance.

Towing Services

Whether your car suddenly will not start or your tire has blown and you don’t have a donut in your trunk, you benefit from roadside towing services. Towing to your home or a mechanic can help you fix your car easily.

Battery Jumps

If your battery dies, chances are that you have somewhere else to be. Roadside assistance helps you get back on the road so that you can get to work, home, or anywhere else.

Tire Services

If you have a flat tire or your tire popped, you may need some help getting back on the road. With roadside assistance coverage, your donut can be easily placed on your car so you can drive home or to an auto shop.

Lockout Options

If you are locked out of your car, a roadside assistance provider can help you get back in. They can unlock your door and help you get your keys so you can drive to your next destination.

Get Roadside Assistance Coverage Today

Integra Insurance Services, which provides roadside assistance coverage to the drivers of Huntington, TX, can help you find the best policy to meet your needs. Roadside assistance coverage can be worth its weight in gold for the peace of mind it offers alone.

Do You Need Full Coverage Insurance on Your Vehicle?

It is not uncommon for Huntington, TX drivers to only purchase the state minimum of auto insurance in an effort to save money. While this can indeed save you money on your insurance premiums from month to month, you may not necessarily be sufficiently covered in the event of an accident. Keep reading to learn a few things Integra Insurance Services wants you to know about liability insurance and full coverage insurance.

What Exactly Is Included in Full Coverage Insurance?

Full coverage auto insurance offers protection for virtually anything that can occur to you and your vehicle while behind the wheel. It offers protection for others in a collision while also offering compensation for injuries and damages you may endure in an accident.

Full coverage consists of both comprehensive and collision coverage. This means you are also covered for damages caused by a fire, vandalism, theft, animals, etc.

What Exactly Is Included in Liability Insurance?

Every state requires auto liability insurance, which is designed to offer protection for other drivers and their vehicles. This type of coverage will offer coverage for bodily injury and property damage for a third party in a collision. The amount of coverage will vary from one state to the next depending on state requirements, so make sure to check with your insurance company before purchasing a policy on your own to ensure you are in compliance with the state minimum.

If you are uncertain whether you should invest in liability or full coverage auto insurance, contact our team at Integra Insurance Services. Every policy is tailored to your individual situation, so let us help you identify your auto insurance needs in Huntington, TX.

Tips for Driving in the Rain

When driving in the rain, you must take extra caution. The road conditions can be unpredictable, not to mention the fact your visibility is often compromised. The team at Integra Insurance Services decided to put together a few simple tips for driving in the rain for Huntington, TX residents.

Tip #1: Use Your Headlights

While a very simple task, many drivers forget to turn on their headlights if it is not dark outside. However, you can increase your safety as well as the safety of others by turning on your headlights when it’s raining. In doing so, you are simply ensuring that other motorists are able to see you better in low visibility conditions.

Tip #2: Reduce Your Speed

The speed limit you see posted on the road is for typical road conditions. Therefore, when you encounter any kind of adverse weather conditions, such as rain, it is a good idea to reduce your speed. This can help you maintain control of your vehicle.

Tip #3: Increase Your Following Distance

In addition to slowing down during the rain, you also want to ensure that you fall back from the vehicle in front of you a bit. Ideally, you want to leave around three or so seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. However, when it is raining, you should increase this to about six seconds or so. You may even want to add a couple of seconds if you are driving at night and it’s raining.

Tip #4: Know How to Correct Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when one of the tires comes into contact with too much water and loses traction, resulting in the vehicle skidding out of control. This can be incredibly scary. In the event this happens to you while driving in the rain, remain as calm as possible. Turn the steering wheel—gently—in the same direction your vehicle is hydroplaning because this will help to get the tires to realign with the automobile. Give the brake pedal a light pump, or press the brakes as normal if you have antilock brakes in an attempt to slow the vehicle down and regain control.

Whether you are interested in more safe driving tips, or you would like to ensure you are properly insured with your auto insurance policy (or maybe need to get one!), reach out to our team at Integra Insurance Services, serving Huntington, TX.

Required Auto Insurance in Texas

In Texas, the state has its own laws regarding what kind of auto insurance drivers have to have and how much of it. If you own a vehicle in the state, you have to have at least the minimum amounts mandated by the state, though you can add more coverage to your policies than is required. To find out more, call us at Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX.

Liability Insurance in Texas

There are three separate amounts of liability insurance that are required in Texas. These include bodily injury liability. There is one amount required for the injuries to one person and another amount for everyone who had injuries from the accident. There is a third minimum amount required for property damage liability. All of these amounts are for liability, so they all pay out to third parties rather than paying for your own bodily injury and damage to your own vehicle. Even if you have the required amount of liability insurance, that may not be enough to pay for a serious accident. It’s generally recommended that you increase these amounts so that you are better covered. 

Additional Auto Insurance Types

While liability is important, it isn’t the only important type of coverage. There is also collision insurance, which pays for the damages that are done to your own vehicle. This is very important for getting auto repairs or for buying a new vehicle to replace a totaled one. With the high cost of vehicles and their repairs, this is smart insurance to have. It’s also a good idea to get insurance that will cover your accident if it was caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. 

Get Your Auto Coverage

If you own a vehicle, don’t let even one day go by without insuring it. If you need insurance, give us a call now at Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX.

4 Car Insurance Add-ons to Consider

Insuring your vehicle is a worthwhile investment because it lessens your financial burden when accidents happen. However, depending on where you live and your driving style, you need to consider other insurance add-ons to get the best out of your car insurance coverage. While there are numerous add-ons to consider, Integra Insurance Services of Huntington, TX, shares four vital add-ons worth the extra bucks. 

Zero depreciation cover

This add-on is one of the most popular since it cushions policyholders against depreciation when making claims. Without this coverage, you will get your claim amount less the depreciation amount. If you own a car that is less than three years old or a luxury vehicle with expensive spare parts, you need zero depreciation cover to avoid you incurring out-of-pocket expenses when repairing your car.

Roadside assistance coverage

Has your car ever stalled away from home? It can be a frustrating ordeal. Thankfully, if you have roadside assistance coverage, you enjoy the below services when your car breaks down:

  • Gas delivery
  • Towing
  • Puncture repair
  • Battery jumpstarting
  • Other minor repairs

If you drive your car for long distances or your car is prone to breakdowns, it’s vital to consider this coverage.

Engine protect

In a typical accident, comprehensive and collision coverages pay for the damages of your engine up to your coverage limit. Otherwise, where your engine is damaged because of oil leakage and water damage, your typical auto insurance won’t help. Here is where the engine protect coverage comes in handy.

Consumables cover

When you consider this add-on, your insurance takes care of consumables like fluids, nuts, washers, and other consumables in case of damage or loss. While these consumables might appear as of low value, they can quickly stack up for high-end vehicles. 

Are you looking to boost your car insurance coverage with the above add-ons? Please contact Integra Insurance Services. Besides, you can visit our Huntington, TX offices to help you choose add-ons suitable for you. 

How To Be Certain My Auto Insurance Coverage Will Work

Integra Insurance Services knows purchasing auto insurance works as a reflex action. In Huntington, TX drivers must carry it. Texas law demands compensation if you’re at fault, it’s common sense. Your potential price tag for a car accident is more than you might expect. Out-of-coverage damages are frightening.

What if I’m not at fault?

Other drivers don’t always have adequate coverage. If you are not at fault in an accident, you can’t be sure that other drivers have insurance. Texas recommends uninsured driver protection. Be sure you have enough coverage. Select comprehensive coverage choices that your pocketbook allows.

Why do I need more coverage?

Huntington, TX drivers are required to carry at least $30K for injury, $60K per accident, and 25K for property damages. Liability insurance covers some repairs, medical bills, and property damage. You are responsible for out-of-pocket expenses if damages exceed your coverage amounts. Can’t flip the bill? You may find yourself in court. Almost any accident victim may sue you for more damages.

What types of Supplemental Coverage should I choose?

Choices for added coverage will depend on your circumstances. Conduct research on more collision, comprehensive, and medical coverage. Purchasing a new car? Finance companies require you to carry full coverage. An Integra Insurance Services professional serving your area can help you find the best choices, bolstering the 30/60/25 Texas mandate.

When will I need supplemental insurance? 

Your coverage may not be enough under the following conditions:

  •   Driving a company car or another person’s car.

  •   Rideshare driving or delivery services.

  •   After factory production accessories.

  •   Driving in other countries.

  •   New car purchases may only last up to 20 days.

More questions about coverage? An Integra insurance professional serving Huntington, TX is available to help. Contact Integra Insurance Services today at 800-655-2159.

In Case of Natural Disaster, Here’s What You Need To Know About Texas Auto Insurance

Unfortunately, natural disasters are occurring now more than ever due to the climate crisis. For Huntington, TX residents that means that floods, hail, strong winds, and storms are wreaking havoc on the area. In case one of these catastrophes damages your car, Integra Insurance Services has explained below what Texas locals need to know about their auto insurance.

Prepare With Your Insurance Company

1.         Make sure you have comprehensive auto insurance. This policy covers damage to your car caused by flooding, hail, fire, or wind.

2.         Double check what your deductible is in case you end up filing a claim.

3.         Make an inventory of what’s in your car. Similar to home insurance, this helps both you and your insurance company calculate any costs of damage. 

What To Do If A Natural Disaster Damages Your Car

Unfortunately, if your car was damaged or totaled from floods, hail, storms, or fire, you have to make a few calls.

•           File a claim as quickly as possible.

•           Keep a record of everyone you talked to.

•           Be ready to answer any questions about the damage.

•           Ask about completing an advanced payment if you need help ASAP.

What Insurance Companies Look For

After you file a claim for natural disaster damage, Integra Insurance Services and other insurance companies will compare the car’s actual cash value to the cost of repairs. 

•           If the cost of fixing it is more than its worth, then the car is considered totaled.

•           As another rule of thumb, if water from flooding reaches the dashboard, it’s considered a total loss.

Are you looking for comprehensive auto insurance or other insurance policies? Contact Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX for more information on how to protect your car, home, or business from instances like natural disasters.