Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

Owning a small business and becoming an entrepreneur is a dream that many people share. For those that are looking to own their own business, there are many very important factors that need to be taken into consideration. One important decision that needs to be made in determining whether or not you should get a commercial insurance policy. There are several reasons why Huntington, TX business owners should get a commercial insurance policy.

Limits Liability

One of the main reasons why you should have a commercial insurance policy is that it will limit your liability. Business owners that produce a product or provide a service are taking on a lot of liability every time they serve a customer. When you have a commercial insurance policy in place, it will provide you with liability insurance protection. This can be very valuable protection if you are ever deemed liable for an accident.

Protects Employees

Another reason why you should have a commercial insurance policy is that it will help to protect your employees. Commercial insurance policy typically includes a workers compensation component. This type of insurance will provide protection and coverage in the event an employee is injured while on the job.

Property Coverage

If you own your place of business you will also want to have commercial insurance to provide coverage for your property.  This will provide you with coverage for the building and all of the content underneath it, including inventory and valuable equipment.

Since having a commercial insurance policy is very important, Huntington, TX business owners should speak with the Integra Insurance Services company to determine their insurance needs.  The Integra Insurance Services company will be able to help you better figure out what type of insurance you need to properly protect your business.

Reasons Your Auto Insurance Company Drop You

The last thing that anyone wants to receive is a notice in their mail from their auto insurance company stating that they are dropping their insurance company. Here at Integra Insurance Services, serving the greater Huntington, TX area, we want to help you understand why an insurer may drop you so you can work to avoid these situations. Here are three of the top reasons why an auto insurance company may drop a driver.

You Misrepresented Your Past Driving Record

One of the reasons an auto insurer can cover you is because you misrepresented your past driving record. You can sign up for same day auto insurance with a variety of carriers. However, it can take them a few days or weeks to check your driving record and make sure what you stated is the truth. If they find out that you have more accidents or tickets than you stated, they reserve the right to increase your policy or drop you.

You Didn’t Pay Your Bill

The most common reason why an auto insurance company may drop your auto insurance coverage is that you didn’t pay your bill. Always pay your car insurance bill to maintain your coverage.

You’ve Been Driving Unsafely

The last reason your auto insurance company may drop your coverage is that you have been driving unsafely. If you have suddenly gotten in a bunch of accidents, racked up traffic tickets or obtained a DUI, your insurance company may drop you.

If an auto insurance company is preparing to drop you, you will want to obtain auto insurance through another company as quickly as possible. This helps to ensure you do not have any lapses in coverage. If you are in need of auto insurance, contact Integra Insurance Services, serving the greater Huntington, TX area, for a quote today.

3 Tips to Buying Boat Insurance

There’s nothing like owning your own boat for fun and relaxation. At the same time, boat ownership comes with its share of responsibilities. Getting the right insurance coverage is one of those responsibilities. The following tips from Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX can help in choosing the insurance coverage you need.

Work with a Trustworthy Insurer

Although you can obtain boat insurance as an “add-on” to your home insurance policy, it could limit the coverage you receive. Purchasing a policy from an experienced boat insurance agent gives you greater flexibility to choose the coverage you need. You’ll also get better service from an insurer that’s knowledgeable about boats when you need to make a claim.

Know Your Policy

Boat insurance gives you a choice of two kinds of policies to protect your investment: agreed value and actual cash value.

An agreed value policy is more expensive initially but has greater returns when making a claim as it covers the value as stated in the policy. If your policy has an agreed value of $75,000, that’s the amount you’ll receive if your boat suffers a total loss. This policy also enables you to replace damaged equipment with new equipment without deducting the cost of depreciation.

Actual cash value policies cost less but you only get the actual cash value of the boat or damaged equipment at the time of loss minus depreciation. If you own an expensive boat, you could lose out with this policy due to receiving a fraction of what your boat is really worth in the event of total loss.

Tailor Coverage to Suit Your Needs

Boat insurance isn’t one size fits all. You need to tailor your coverage to suit your needs. Working with insurance specialists from Integra Insurance Services gives you greater flexibility to get the protection you seek. Contact our Huntington, TX office for all your boat insurance needs.

Do we need a business automobile insurance policy if we rent instead of owning company cars?

Most people don’t realize that there are, in fact, many differences between commercial automobile insurance and personal automobile insurance. They often find out when it is too late that they were depending on a personal insurance policy to protect them when the circumstances fell outside the range of what would be covered, leaving them to pay the full bill. The agents at Integra Insurance Services work to help their commercial insurance customers in Huntington, TX protect their businesses by making sure they understand the kind of protection they need for their situations.

The first most important thing to understand is that a personal insurance policy or a business owners policy (BOP) will not provide coverage for automobiles used primarily in a business. Those kinds of coverage must specifically be provided by auto insurance policies.

The Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF) is the most commonly used contract that businesses use to provide coverage for their automobiles. This means cars, trucks, vans and any other kind of conveyance the business needs to use. The policy will need to list all of the vehicles which are intended to be covered under the policy, or the people who will need to be covered if they are driving while conducting business.

When you are choosing the coverage that best suits your needs, you will have to decide what should be covered. Do you want to cover only the automobiles the company owns, hires or leases? Or do you also want to cover other automobiles that your business uses also, such as when an employee runs an errand with a personal car? The second option provides wider protection for your business. The more coverage, the better protection.

If you have a business in Huntington, TX, call Integra Insurance Services to find the best commercial auto insurance for your company.

Do Nail Salons Need Commercial Insurance?

A lot of people wonder whether or not they need commercial insurance. The truth is, though, if you are operating any type of business, then commercial insurance is going to be of value. Even if you are operating the business out of your home, then this type of insurance can prove to be of benefit.

What about nail salons?

Nail salons have become highly profitable businesses over the past couple decades. Women and men alike flock to nail salons to make sure their hands and feet are always looking their best. There are even a lot of nail salon owners that provide their services out of the comfort of their own homes. And while operating a nail salon from inside the home is highly encouraged, it is also important not to overlook investing in commercial insurance.

What does commercial insurance cover?

Commercial insurance will cover claims that relate to the business being operated out of the home. A normal homeowners policy will typically not pay out if it is found out that a claim was submitted and relates to business activities. Homeowners policies are meant to cover claims that relate to daily living activities, not work-related tasks. With commercial insurance, though, it is possible to rest easy at night knowing your in-home nail salon business is properly covered with the right type of insurance policy.

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance for nail salons, please contact us today. We can customize a policy to fit your exact needs. Feel free to ask us any questions about your commercial policy and we can even help you with a homeowners policy as well.

Home Insurance and Your HOA: Who Covers What?

Have you just purchased a new home in Huntington, TX and are wondering what kind of adjustments you need to make to your home insurance with Integra Insurance Services? If you are paying a homeowners association fee every month, you will need to know where the HOA ends and your property begins.

 Read Your Deed

Review your deed with your agent.  If the plot plan only includes the interior of your property, then your liability ends with your front door as long as you take care of your condo. But in neighborhoods with single-family structures and shared outdoor space, the lines of property and responsibility can get blurred. If you are unsure who owns what, make sure to speak with your HOA to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Sidewalks, Lawns, Porches and Streets

Your property may only include your house and driveway. Even porches and decks that are part of townhouses may belong to the HOA. If the sidewalks are on your plot plan, you will have to maintain them. Who mows the lawn, prunes the trees, and waters the flowers by the gate?  If you see your neighbors taking care of shared areas, ask them if the HOA has approved their assistance. If not, there can be legal repercussions if a repair goes wrong.

If You Maintain It, the Liability is Yours

Any part of your home where the HOA does not provide routine maintenance, you will want to include on your home insurance policy.  You may wish to put up a fence or hedge to define the areas for which you are responsible. If your guest is injured on a shared area, such as the pool or playground, they will be filing a claim against the HOA liability insurance.

Give your agent at Integra Insurance Services for more information on home or commercial insurance options for the Huntington, TX area.

All you need to know about auto insurance

Are you a car owner? Are you wondering why you need to have an insurance cover yet you are a good driver? Well, it is very important regardless of your experience. While on the busy roads, you never know who you will meet on the way and that means there can be both experienced and inexperienced drivers as well as those who don’t care. That means you can never be fully sure that you are risk-free while driving.

That is where Huntington, TX, Integra Insurance Services comes in. We help you plan for any unforeseen risks, and that avoids frustration when any damage occurs. We have employees that are well trained and patient to serve you according to your needs. We understand the many doubts and fears associated with insurance, but we assure you, with us you are safe.

We have different auto insurance coverage options to cater for all your needs. Here are a few.

Comprehensive coverage option

With this coverage option, your vehicle is protected from all the various risks apart from the collision. It covers any risks or damages caused by fire or theft among other damages. Therefore, for those looking for just one overall cover, this could be the best option.

Collision Coverage

As established earlier, you can never be too sure while driving on the busy roads. You might find yourself or the designated driver in a collision accident. In such a case, this coverage option can pay for all the repairs involved in servicing the car.

Liability Coverage

There are days when you might find yourself in an unfortunate position where an accident occurs, and you are the reason. What do you do then and the court requires you to pay for the expenses? Liability coverage takes care any such risks that may occur, and the court finds you liable.

Hope you are convinced of the importance of having car insurance, and if you are, please feel to contact us for more information.

What you need to know about toy insurance

Whoever says that adults do not play with toys has probably never seen a 40-year-old man take an adventurous ride through the rough terrains on his ATV. Perhaps they missed the retired couple who bought a new boat for no other reason other than to have something new to play with while exploring the seas. Regardless of what your fancy is, Huntington, TX, we know that you invest in recreational vehicles of your choosing to get more pleasure out of life. Such is the reason why Integra Insurance Services offers you toy assurance policies that cover your expensive cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, and boats.

What is toy insurance?
In short, toy assurance is indemnity coverage that pays out when your recreational vehicle is damaged or stolen. No one toy insurance policy works the same for all types of vehicles because, as with cars, some recreational investments cost more than others. You would not purchase a plan that only covers half of your new BMW when searching for auto insurance. In the same manner, you would not search for the cheapest recreational coverage you can find just to say, “I’m covered.”

Things to consider when searching for coverage
You definitely want liability insurance that covers physical injury in the case of an accident when you buy toy assurance. Your policy should have bodily and property damage limits that can pay for everything from medical bills to lost wages as well as property damage.

Another thing to consider when searching for the right toy insurance plan is collision and comprehensive damage. It is not enough to have one without the other since collision coverage only pays for damage caused by accident. Comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, provides financial stability when your ATV, RV, boat or other recreational vehicle is damaged due to things like severe weather and vandalism. You definitely do not want to live in Huntington, TX, where hurricanes are a thing, and try to scoot by without both comprehensive and collision coverage.

You have worked hard for your toys, which is why you should invest in an indemnity policy that fixes or repairs damages when the unimaginable happens. Integra Insurance Services can help you find the right plan.

Do You Need Commecial Insurance At Your Law Firm?

Individualized insurance needs are a mantra of Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX. Like your fingerprint is uniquely yours so is the nature of your insurance needs. 

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to whether or not you need a commercial insurance policy if you are a licensed and practicing attorney. Commercial insurance has points that deal with the structure of your business. The basic physical property of a business puts the law firm owner at risk.

If your law firm is housed in a building where there are suites of other offices then it is imperative that you discuss with your landlord the specific coverage that your rental or lease agreement offers. These points are very specific and need to be understood fully.

Is your firm run out of your home? Are you meeting clients on the premises of your law firm or only elsewhere? Is your law firm housed alone as a sole structure? Are you renting or leasing the property? Do you own the property that houses your law firm? 

Being a licensed practitioner usually means you need additional insurance arms – including malpractice insurance. Come speak with us today. 

Integra Insurance Services in Huntington, TX takes a stand on how to underwrite insurance. Our agents also specialize in Automobile, Homeowners, and Other (Specialty, Property, Boat, and Toy) Insurance. When it comes to insurance having all of your eggs in one basket is a good thing. Especially when you go with an agency that works with your to provide the very best service by being an active listener when it comes to your insurance concerns. Then we transform into active doers in terms of putting our tremendous level of professional integrity into practice.  

Insure Your Boat During the Winter Months with Integra Insurance Services

Integra Insurance Services reminds its customers to insure their boats during the winter months. You may already have a plan in place that protects your boat from harm during the summer, but what about the winter months? What about when your boat is in storage? 

You may think that your boat is covered while it’s in storage, but that’s not always the case. Homeowners’ policies typically only cover boats and cars if they are parked at stored at your home, on your property. If you store your boat at another location, you may not be reimbursed when your boat is broken into or damaged by the cold weather. To protect your boat, check with your storage provider and make sure that they have the proper levels of insurance. Also, give a call to the trusted, experienced staff at Integra Insurance. They will walk you through the different types of policies and will explain what coverage you need and when. Your boat is an important part of your family. Don’t take any chances with it. Take the steps you need to take now to protect it from harm later. 

Integra Insurance serves the community of Huntington, TX. When you have insurance questions, give them a call at 800-655-2159 or stop by their office at 502 North Main Street. The staff at Integra Insurance are ready to answer your questions. They are well educated on the insurance laws in Texas, and they will help you find the coverage you need to protect your boat from all kinds of hazards. Don’t wait, find the insurance plan that’s right for you and your boat today.